President Obama Takes Mitt Romney To The Woodshed for Saying ‘Corporations Are People’ (VIDEO)

Author: May 6, 2012 9:32 am

Forward. It not just a word or a slogan, it’s a creed. It’s the American way. Throughout its history, America has always moved forward. Part of moving forward includes evolving. Americans have evolved since the founding of this country and have continued to evolve to the present day. The problem with biological evolution, however, is that it doesn’t apply to corporations. In no sense have corporations evolved into human beings. But according to the conservatives on the Supreme Court and many Republicans such as Mitt Romney, corporations are walking, talking, breathing, emotional people just like the rest of us. Romney also believes that trickle down economics is the only way to go, even though it has nearly crippled the economy over the last decade.

But on Saturday in front of a fired up crowd of 14,000, President Obama marked the beginning of his campaign for re-election by taking Mitt Romney to the woodshed over those beliefs.

“Somehow, he and his friends in Congress think that the same bad ideas will lead to a different result,” President Obama said, slamming the Republican plan to reward the rich while simultaneously punishing the poor and middle class. The President then declared,

“I don’t care about how many ways you try to explain it, corporations aren’t people. People are people.”

This wasn’t a very good day for Mitt Romney. First, he gets officially slammed in Ohio by President Obama, who fired a brilliant opening salvo in his bid for re-election. Then if that weren’t enough, Romney gets slammed by right-wing radio host Bryan Fischer for being a weak leader who can be easily intimidated.

If Mitt Romney is taking fire from both sides, he’s in trouble. In one single day, his leadership skills and foreign policy were blasted by religious right conservative Bryan Fischer while President Obama slammed his economic agenda. How does Romney deal with this double whammy? Because if one thing is clear, it’s that President Obama is willing to take the fight to an already weak Mitt Romney campaign. He is willing to take on Mitt Romney and the Republican Party. While Romney seeks to continue the same Republican economic agenda that nearly crippled the American economy, President Obama intends to look ahead with new ideas:

“We’ve come too far to abandon the change we have fought for these past few years. We have to move forward.”

Here’s the video:

Mitt Romney can’t possibly see this situation getting any better any time soon. Romney, after all, has taken both sides of nearly every single issue. And he’s done it all on camera. So we can certainly expect President Obama and his campaign put that footage to good use against Mitt ‘The Flipper’ Romney. This was just the opening scene of President Obama on the campaign trail, and it was devastating. And Romney knows it. So does President Obama.


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  • I’ll gladly welcome corporations to the fold of “personhood” once the government can find a way to imprison them for their crimes. Because, you know, when a person commits a crime (like fraud or theft) he is put in prison. Fair’s fair!

  • Genny Abbott

    Genny Abbott (cont. from above but about “The Woodshed” theme–I like this. The Woodshed is a good place to go, not just to spank a wrong-doer(or wrong-speaker), but it is full of barn wood from which we can start building a whole new barn–like rebuilding a broken down country & society–we the people helping the President as he has requested that we do. And frosting on the cake would be to insist that opponents do their fair share in the building–HARD WORK–& pay their fair share in expense of this building.We must start in the voting booth but this may not do the job with all the efforts at supressing unwanted votes/voters by all kinds of means & we still have to wait & see how successful these opponents will be in pushing through harmful policies or using big money to buy election or have the Supreme court decide–taking on issue of hanging chads–Remember? After all the Chief “Justice” said “Money IS free speech–great values aye? This is where dissent such as the Occupiers practice comes in. Must be non-violent & honest but we do have a fight on our hands now & in doming months/years. For people of faith, prayer is a powerful weapon as this bois down to a spiritual battle, but as a song says “I’ve read the back of the Book & we WIN. A PS to the woodshed & opponents helping doing their share, look at the psychology a bit; these opponents are like spoiled, cowardly young kids who need to do their chores & honest homework to distract them from their panic of possibly losing their control–might actually end up helping them as people who need more maturity & better character. Just leave them alone, & we are all in trouble–danger ahead!

  • Genny Abbott

    Genny Abbott–As to the WODSHED– that is a good place to go–Lots of barnwood, not just for a spanking for wrong-doer, but building a whole new barn–like a new country rebuilt again? Better yet if you (helping the President as he asks us to do) insist that the opposition do their share in the building.They are actually, spoiled, cowardly kids who need to do their chores.

  • Genny Abbott

    Genny Abbott–It is a cult & you are right Clinton Tribble; these far “right” Tea Partiers are hypocrites & as far as I’m concerned, have put a despicable blight on the name of the Jesus Christ whom I know. And Jesus Christ had some choice words for the hypocritical leaders of His days on earth, the Pharisees–“whitened sepulchurs full of dead mens bones” Same today as self-right3ous leaders pick & chose their morality issues which the back of with certain selectively chosen Bible verses/passages from which they make up their own religion in which objects of worship are money, CONTROL/power (using BIG government, not the small government they insist they want), & ultimately themselves as their own gods. Pro-life? Laughable as they kill abortion MD’s. & stomp all over women (whom they put out in front as shields to make them seem more “in touch with & sensitive to average people); oppress minorities; & then cheat & lie, then lie about what their recorded lies. If not familar with mormonism, read the Book Of Morman. They deny the Trinity, believe each Morman man is his own Jesus through whom any woman must come for consecration/endorement to gain entrance to heaven; & of course the history of polygamy (still practiced in some areas, though of course adamantly denied.–There was the Warren Jeff fiasco–Remember that? From such a man-made religion comes the Republican presidential candidate, backed by much of the far “right” evangelicals because of these few certain chosen “values” they claim. These are just a few examples of their wanting to sell out the people & the country–haven’t mentioned the environment (read book of Genesis with God’s command to mankind “in the Beginning” which affects our health & healthcare; our education being dumbed down with history being rewritten to suit certain people; cutting pay for teachers; blocking measures for affordable education which affect our economy–some else continue the list. I want none of this bunk & just need to focus on God’s grace & mercy to keep me in line,& not to fall into these same traps straight from the pit.When I do fall, I am just grateful for forgiveness & divine help to get up again & back on track on that straight & narrow road, following a Perfect Guide Who does love me & loves the whole world He gave His perfect earthly (only) life for–NOW, HE LIVES having conquered death & evil, but is patient & waiting for any others who so chose to come to Himself for GIFT of his LOVE & LIFE ETERNAL with HIM.

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