The Catholic League Bullies Delta Air Lines Into Pulling Advertising From The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

The Catholic League has declared war on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, accusing the funniest man in news of assaulting the Christian faith by showing a picture of a woman with a manger between her legs during a joke in which Stewart mocked Fox News for not being as outraged by the war on women as they are about the imaginary war on Christmas. The Catholic League demanded that Stewart apologize for what they call an insult of Christianity and have vowed to boycott companies that advertise on The Daily Show until the popular Comedy Central host complies with their demands.

Not all advertisers are bowing to the Catholic League’s pressure. Kellogg’s responded to the Catholic League’s leader Bill Donohue by saying they would continue advertising on The Daily Show. But they have successfully bullied Delta Air Lines into dropping their sponsorship of the The Daily Show. Delta made the announcement on Monday.

The Catholic League whines about Stewart’s segment, labeling it hate speech, but has repeatedly failed to apologize for their own hate speech. On Monday, Catholic League President Bill Donohue appeared on Fox News and had some strong words for Georgetown University pro-choice groups and it’s choice of Kathleen Sebelius as the commencement speaker this year. Donohue compared the pro-choice groups to Nazis and compared Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius to an anti-semite.

DONOHUE: “Remember, Georgetown has no neo-Nazi clubs or skinhead clubs on campus, nor should they. But they have two – two!! – pro-abortion clubs at Georgetown University. Now they’re bringing in Kathleen Sebelius. They wouldn’t bring in an anti-semite, nor should they. They wouldn’t bring in a racist, nor should they. But they’re bringing in a pro-abortion champion, and they shouldn’t.”

Here’s the disgusting video of Donohue’s hate speech:

This is the kind of man that Delta Air Lines has chosen to side with. Jon Stewart makes a joke on TV and The Catholic League scares Delta into abandoning the show. Meanwhile, Donohue and his group use rampant hate speech against the LGBT community, women, President Obama, liberals, etc. And by bowing to the demands of The Catholic League, Delta has signaled that it supports all of their hate speech. Since Delta feels that hate speech is okay and comedy is not, it’s time for progressives and liberals everywhere to officially boycott them and show Delta what real pressure feels like. If you would like to contact Delta Air Lines and protest their decision to join a hate group, here is their contact information.

Delta Air Lines, Inc.
1030 Delta Blvd.
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001
GA Tel. 404-715-2600
Toll Free 866-715-2170
Fax 404-715-5042

And until Delta resumes advertising on The Daily Show and apologizes to Jon Stewart for complying with the demands of a hate group, I suggest flying with Delta’s competitors. I’m sure United Continental and American Airlines would love the extra business.