House Conservative Says Food And Health Programs For Children Are Wasteful Spending

I think most Americans would agree that taking food out of the mouths of children is morally wrong. I also think most Americans would agree that keeping children from getting medical care is just as morally unacceptable. But that’s not what House Republicans think at all.

In their proposed budget, House Republicans intend to end school lunch assistance for nearly 300,000 children and end funding that helps 300,000 children get the medical care they need. And according to House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, these cuts are good because it eliminates wasteful government spending.

During an appearance on Fox News, McCarthy told Greta Van Susteren that House Republicans should be supported for cutting what they call budgetary fat.

Van Susteren: “But these cuts — I mean, these cuts — I mean, some of the cuts, I mean, just — you know, there are — there’s money sitting in our government. There’s some fat that we can.. some of these cuts. I mean — the fat is incredible!”

McCarthy: “Then you would support what we’re doing. That’s what we’re doing committee by committee.”

Here’s the video:

According to House Republicans, the definition of government waste is keeping children fed at lunch time and keeping children healthy through accessible medical care. Keep in mind that this is coming from the same party that has been saying that we must keep our children from being in deep debt and having to pay for it. That’s a rather hypocritical stance considering that if children starve to death or die because of a lack of health care they won’t be growing up to inherit the massive debt the Republicans caused in the first place. And what does America get for sacrificing food and health care for it’s children? $29 billion of extra spending on unneeded military weaponry on top of the $525 billion already requested by the Pentagon. That’s right, military toys are more important to Republicans than the well being of America’s children.

The Catholic Church has already condemned the House Republican’s budget bill as a moral outrage because the bill eliminates critical funding on programs that help the poor, senior citizens, and children. But that isn’t persuading Republicans to abandon their heartless and merciless budget goals. It is quite revealing to hear Republicans talk about protecting children while at the same time cutting funds that go directly towards protecting them from hunger and medical need. Indeed, it underscores the claim that Republicans are more concerned about making sure that fetuses are carried for an entire nine month pregnancy than they are about children who have already been born. But even that claim is false since Republicans are also hell bent on cutting prenatal health care funding. Overfunding our massive military over providing food and medical care to our children is not only morally wrong, it’s a strategic flaw Republicans are ignoring.

What good are weapons if children are unable to make it to adulthood to one day use them in defense of this country? I’m not saying that I support future warfare, I’m merely using logic to demonstrate how flawed the Republican budget is. It just seems to me that if what Republicans want is perpetual warfare on a global scale, it would make more sense to make sure America has future soldiers to wage the wars with. To that effort, they should want to keep America’s children fed and healthy. But they, for some reason, aren’t even thinking about that. And that’s the whole point. Republicans ARE NOT thinking. The only thing Republicans are thinking about is hurting President Obama and keeping the wealthy super rich, even if they have to irrevocably harm America and the American people to do it. It’s shameful and immoral and should be sufficient reason to sweep Republicans from government entirely until they learn what is truly important. Policies calling for endless war and making the rich richer are not important. Both are the cause of our massive debt and if not reversed, will lead to America’s moral decay and perpetual doom. A large military is useless if we cannot even afford to take care of the people the military is supposed to protect. Just ask North Korea.