Chris Matthews: Why Do Gay Republicans Fight Against Their Own Rights?

I feel sorry for anyone who fights against their own best interests. Seriously, I really pity them. That’s why it’s sad to hear gay Republicans criticize President Obama for his statement Wednesday afternoon  in support of same-sex marriage. Apparently, Chris Matthews felt pity for them too, and asked a question we’ve all been asking ourselves for years: Why do gay Republicans fight against their own interests? But first, some background.

By far the biggest news of the day occurred when President Obama declared  that he supports same-sex marriage. He talked about his neighbors, friends, and family and spoke about the many servicemen and women who are in committed same-sex relationships before finally announcing that “at a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married.”

It was a historic moment when President Obama said those words, but it didn’t take long for someone to sully it. Speaking for the Log Cabin Republicans, R. Clarke Cooper criticized President Obama’s words, calling them “offensive” in the wake of North Carolina voting for a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage in the state.

In response to the criticisms leveled by gay Republicans, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews wondered why LGBT Republicans haven’t stepped up to get their own candidates to support LGBT rights. He also wondered what compels gay Republicans to sit back and support a party that refuses to recognize gays and lesbians as human beings with rights and feelings.

“I have to wonder how gay men and women who now work for the election of Republican members of Congress, Senators, and Romney himself can sit in their work seats and refuse to stand up, walk in the direction of their bosses and candidates, and ask them to join the President on this,” Matthews said. “I have to wonder how long they can remain indentured servants, how long they can continue to accept the Republican Party’s don’t ask, don’t tell rule that you can work here as long as you keep your mouth shut.

Here’s the video:

Matthews is right. Gay Republicans are indeed fighting against their own interests by supporting a party that couldn’t care less about them. That’s what makes criticism from LGBT Republicans like those in Log Cabin Republicans so ridiculous.

For example, it’s silly for the Log Cabin Republicans to think that if President Obama had made his statement earlier that it would have changed the outcome of the vote in North Carolina. Amendment One passed by a two to one margin, and same-sex marriage had already been illegal in the state. The Log Cabin Republicans also seem to praise Dick Cheney in their response but there’s a problem with that as well. Cheney as Vice President never endorsed same-sex marriage while in office. It was only after he left office that he decided to do so. President Obama’s endorsement, on the other hand, came while he is still in office, and in an election year to boot. That’s what real courage looks like. It’s the kind of courage that Dick Cheney lacked.

The fact is, LGBT Republicans are fighting against their own interests day after day. Rather than salute the President for standing up for their own rights, they unfairly and harshly criticize him for it. I feel sorry for people who support their oppressors. A gay person who supports Republicans right now is like an African-American supporting the Confederacy and criticizing Abraham Lincoln for issuing the Emancipation Proclamation during the Civil War instead of before it. Even if Lincoln had done so, it would not have prevented the Civil War. The same goes for President Obama’s endorsement of same-sex marriage. It would not have changed the result in North Carolina. The Log Cabin Republicans are delusional if they really believe that, and they’re even more delusional if they actually believe their own party cares about them. Republicans treat homosexuals with the utmost contempt. They have compared same-sex relationships to bestiality and believe homosexuals to be sub-human and evil.

If Mitt Romney becomes President, he has already promised anti-gay activists that he will fight for a Constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage at the federal level, which would outlaw marriage equality across the country. Republicans have absolutely no intention of legalizing same-sex marriage and since the Christian right is in firm control of the party, it will be a cold day in hell before Republicans support marriage equality. The Log Cabin Republicans claim to be fighting for LGBT rights but they support a party whose policies only oppress gays and lesbians. This disqualifies them from speaking on behalf of the LGBT community as they claim to be doing in their statement above. I understand that LGBT Republicans say that they want to focus on more than just their own human rights, but the bottom line is you can’t support your party on other issues if they refuse to treat you like human beings and American citizens. To do so makes you nothing more than slaves to the party or ‘indentured servants’ as Matthews correctly observed.