Mitt Romney’s Budget Plan Would Increase Military Spending By An Additional $2.1 Trillion

\Last month, an RNC spokesperson admitted that Mitt Romney’s economic plan would be just a ramped up version of the George W. Bush model. Apparently, that economic plan also includes military spending on an unprecedented level.

According to Mitt Romney’s own website, he intends to increase military spending to the tune of $2.1 trillion or 4% of GDP over the next decade. The Center for a New American Security reports that Romney’s military budget could actually soar to more than $2.3 trillion if that jump to 4% of GDP were immediate.

But let’s face it, this is hardly a plan to balance the budget as Mitt Romney claims. The current military budget stands at approximately $1 trillion, which is a mind blowing amount to think about. Under Romney’s plan, military spending increases would blow up the national debt. Why? Because Romney has absolutely no plan to pay for it. Romney’s economic model is the Bush plan on steroids, which means he wants to not only continue the Bush Tax Cuts, he wants to slash taxes even more for the wealthiest Americans. In other words, Romney is increasing spending while dealing a death blow to critical revenues that would be used to fund his spending. So how can Romney pay for this? What is he not revealing to the American electorate about his plan? To find the answer, all we need to do is look at what has been transpiring in the Republican controlled US House of Representatives.

House Republicans passed a budget on Thursday that slashes programs that benefit the poor such as food stamps, health care. By a vote of 218-190, House Republicans passed cuts to social services including cutting off 2 million people from food stamps, slashing Medicare payments, cutting Meals on Wheels for senior citizens, cutting child care services, and even cutting child abuse prevention. In addition, the House budget includes cuts that strip 300,000 children of free or reduced school meals and health insurance. Republicans did this all to prevent an insignificant 10% reduction in military spending that was part of the debt deal struck between the two parties last year.

Cuts to domestic spending such as these are exactly what Mitt Romney intends to do in an attempt to cover his massive militarization of America. He also wants to privatize Social Security and Medicare. So his ultimate plan for America is to decimate spending that benefits Americans and add more spending to a military budget that is already bigger than the defense budgets of the eight of the top military spending countries combined. America could cut its defense budget in half and still have the biggest military budget in the world. The only reason I can think of for wanting such a large military budget is so that Republicans can wage even more wars under a President Romney. Romney has already been beating the drums of war with Iran and it’s likely Republicans want to declare war against other nations as well. Republicans are so paranoid and power thirsty that they are literally willing to destroy each and every vital domestic program so that they can spend more money on warfare. Such actions would put the lives of millions of young men and women at risk and bankrupt America in the process. It’s a loss of blood and treasure that Republicans are only too eager to force upon the American people. That’s the future Mitt Romney envisions for America.