Tea Party Leader Calls President Obama An Evil Nazi, Republican Senate Candidate Doesn’t Condemn Her Words

We all know that Tea Party supporters love the Nazis. In fact, they are so obsessed with the Nazis that they compare President Obama to them on a daily basis. Recently, a Tea Party leader told a crowd at a rally in Pittsburgh that President Obama is an evil Nazi who needs to be stood up to.

Patricia Weaver is the Tea Party Chair in Pittsburgh and she’s also an elected official for the Republican state committee. During her speech to a crowd of 100 people, Weaver reportedly declared that President Obama “wants the country to fail,” “wants our country to follow Europe into bankruptcy” and wants to “demonize prosperity.” Weaver also said that President Obama is “like the Nazis. There’s an evil in the country and you are standing against it.” So, Weaver believes President Obama is a Nazi. Perhaps she should look in the mirror and read about what real fascism is. I suggest starting here.

Weaver made her comments in the presence of Republican Senate candidate Tom Smith, who is a former CEO in the coal industry. During his own speech, Smith made no attempt to correct Weaver and has yet to condemn any of her blatantly false and hateful rhetoric.

This is yet another example of violent or hateful from a Tea Party member. A week ago, a Tea Party activist told a crowd in Missouri that Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill is “an evil monster” who needs to be killed. This statement was made in the presence of yet another Republican Senate candidate, Sarah Steelman. And she too refused to condemn the rhetoric.

Clearly, Republican politicians and candidates are incapable of standing up to the extremists in their party. That makes every Republican who appears on the ballot this November a threat to the national discourse and the security of those they have disagreements with. This kind of rhetoric has no place in this country or society and must be stopped. And the only way to do that is to overwhelmingly reject Republicans on Election Day.

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