Oklahoma Rep. Says Homosexuality Is A Choice Worth Being Fired For

Is homosexuality a choice? Republican Congressman James Lankford of Oklahoma seems to think so. In a sidewalk interview with staff from the website thinkprogress.org, Lankford said that he not only believes homosexuality is a choice but that he also believes employers should be able to fire an employee simply because they are homosexual.

It doesn’t seem to matter that the American Medical Association, the American Association of Pediatrics, and the American Psychological Association all agree that homosexuality is not a choice. Neither does it seem to matter that common sense prevailing, if it were a choice it would be hard to imagine numbers ranging as high 5 to 10 percent of the world’s population making that choice. Imagine choosing to risk ostracism by your family or choosing a life of constantly being ridiculed by neighbors. Imagine facing a lifetime of systematic discrimination which is reinforced by clowns such as Lankford. In many countries the “choice” means risking imprisonment and even execution.

In light of choosing such challenging “lifestyle” choices, it is hard to ignore the issue to the sexual attraction itself. Most straight people would find it hard to ignore their natural attraction towards the opposite gender. Likewise, most straight people could not imagine that relations with the same-sex could ever be fulfilling. Many find the mere suggestion that they could engage in a same-sex interlude to be utterly repugnant. So where does that leave a supposedly straight guy who believes it is a choice?

I suspect that Representative Lankford believes homosexuality is a choice because he is able to make that choice. If my hunch is right, it appears that his choice was the route of suppression rather than acceptance and that cannot be healthy for the soul.

In the interview I’ve referenced with thinkprogress.com, Lankford says he believes there are tendencies but that it is a choice issue. Well Mr. Lankford, I wish you well in overcoming any tendencies you may have. As for me, as a straight male, I have no tendencies and that is exactly how I know and understand that sexual identity is not a choice at all!

There is good news for the residents of Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District which includes Oklahoma City. This year Oklahoman’s get to make one of those “choices” when it comes to who they wish to represent. Democrat Tom Guild, a former Political Science professor from the University of Central Oklahoma is running against Lankford. Here at The Progressive Cop, we are keeping our fingers crossed that our neighbors over in the sooner state vote against ignorance and bigotry.

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