Kansas Governor Signs Bill Allowing Pharmacists And Doctors To Deny Women Birth Control

Author: May 15, 2012 6:44 pm

A bill that allows pharmacists and doctors to deny women access to contraception has been signed into law by Kansas Governor Sam Brownback. This new law is just one of many bills that the Republican governor has signed since he came into office. He has recently signed legislation that pressures abortion clinics with new regulations, legislation that imposes long waiting times to get an abortion, and legislation that bans insurance companies from covering abortion procedures.

This new bill, known as the Heath Care Rights of Conscience Act and sponsored by GOP state Rep. Lance Kinzer, was signed into law on Monday, and according to The Kansas City Star:

“The new law would bar anyone from being required to prescribe or administer a drug they “reasonably believe” might result in the termination of a pregnancy,” and could “open the door for a pharmacist to refuse a request for something like the “morning-after” pill.”

Basically, any woman in Kansas could walk into a pharmacy to pick up a birth control prescription and be denied her medication by the pharmacist. All the pharmacists needs to do is claim to be acting on his or her religious convictions. And what’s worse, the pharmacist doesn’t have to refer the prescription to another pharmacy. Likewise, doctors also can deny women contraception and use religious liberty to get away with it. Even a woman who becomes pregnant through rape could be denied access to birth control.

This new law is just one more step toward a complete ban on abortion and contraception in the state of Kansas. It gives doctors and pharmacists the right to tell women what medication they can or cannot use. To give a pill pusher the legal right to deny a patient the medication prescribed by their doctor is a total violation of privacy and a major government intrusion. And giving doctors the right to dictate the reproductive choices of women is also an egregious violation by big government. This law will lead to an avalanche of costly lawsuits against doctors and pharmacies and is a threat to the health of women across the state.

Kansas seems to be ground zero for the Republican war on women this year. There is currently a bill that is stalled in the Senate that among other thing would levy a tax on abortion, severely limit third trimester abortions, and require doctors to falsely link abortion to breast cancer. If this bill were to pass the Senate and get signed by Brownback, as he has promised to do, it would be by far the most dangerous anti-abortion law in the nation. Women in Kansas may not have much time left to control their reproductive choices, because if the GOP has their way, women will be powerless to make their own health decisions.


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  • God’s Will! Well if it’s God’s will that women shouldn’t get pills to stop pregnancies, then why cover pills for Erectile dysfunction? Isn’t Erectile dysfunction just God’s way of telling you ” You don’t get another turn at bat SLUGGER “

  • How is it that in defense of a woman’s right to control her reproductivity, you want to take away a doctor’s/pharmacist’s rights to his religious and/or moral beliefs by forcing him to partake in practices that he believes are wrong? This bill does not deny a woman the ability to obtain birth control, morning after pills, or even abortions. It allows the physicians and pharmacists to simply say they will not be part of it.

    If a woman is seeking birth control and runs into a doctor/pharmacist who will not prescribe/fill the prescription, she has every right to seek someone else who will. Most towns have multiple places that would be more then happy to take a woman’s money and provide her with the services she is seeking. There is nothing keeping her from going to one of them.

    “This is an individual decision involving one woman and her body. If a woman does not “believe” in abortion, then she is certainly entitled to make a choice to not terminate a pregnancy via abortion. But she can only make the decision that is right for her.”

    Whether she chooses to get an abortion is HER individual choice. But the act of obtaining the birth abortion involves other people. You want to protect her individual choice by trampling on the individual rights of the doctors/nurses/pharmacists that are also part of the process.

    “They want to own and control women.”

    This has nothing to do with controlling women. It is about allowing freedom of choice for the medical professionals.

    “well I’m just not sure they have any sense of what the words “individual freedoms” or “equality” mean. And they seem to be completely ignorant of the fact that the Constitution of the United States has guaranteed individual freedom and equality to each of us.”

    This is exactly about “individual freedoms. It is about the state not being able to force medical professionals to take part in something that they feel is wrong, whether it be for religious or simply moral reasons.

    Trust me, in today’s liberal Democratic society, there will be PLENTY of doctors and pharmacists who will still respect a woman’s choice to use birth control. Heck, several people responded that they themselves would move to Kansas and open a pharmacy.

    If you don’t like your doctor’s/pharmacist’s stance on birth control/abortions, find another doctor. If he/she loses enough patients, he/she may reconsider their position, or may lose their business. And that goes for women on both sides of the issue. Find a doctor that will respect your wishes on what will and will not be done with your body.

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  • JoAnnShopgirl

    The next time a twister hits the great state of Kansas I hope it sucks every ignoramus including Governor Brownback out and dumps them in another country. Every woman should be outraged that this is being allowed. We must exercise our right to vote and get these S.O.B.’s out of office!

  • To begin with, that photo is effective birth control. Would YOU “EF” HIM?
    Past that, the women of Kansas (and the men who love and respect those women) should boycott any pharmacy that presumes to decide morality for others.
    And the women in the lives of the legislators who passed this “law” should re-read “Lysistrata.”

    • In a perfect world, I’d EF him in a heartbeat……with a backhoe.
      In an imperfect world, such as this one, I second your call to boycott the cowards who own and run the pharmacies.
      Kansas citizens, set up volunteer transport services to take people out of state to buy their contraceptives.
      For those of you women who are able, impose a nookie embargo, ASAP! Show those legislators and everyone else who thinks this treacle is praiseworthy who REALLY wears the pants in the family.
      Bloody egomaniacs.
      When can we implement George Carlin’s excellent suggestions regarding those four rectangular mid-western states?

      • Oh, man, I just had a revelation….that guy has that look on his face that tells me that when he was a kid, he got held down by a bunch of bigger kids and buggered by the neighborhood german shepherd, while everyone stood around and laughed.

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