Witness Testimony Reveals George Zimmerman As A Bully And Racist In The Workplace (AUDIO)

A former colleague of George Zimmerman has come forward to tell his story of being bullied and tormented by constant racist jokes at work.

In a 15 minute interview released to the media by the Florida prosecutor, an unidentified individual details his own experience with George Zimmerman. He described the constant name calling, such as being called a “fucking moron.” Zimmerman would also mimic the voice of “Achmed the terrorist” to mock him. For those of you who aren’t aware, Achmed the terrorist is a dead suicide bomber puppet used by famed ventriloquist and comedian Jeff Dunham. For days, Zimmerman would joke about “bombing” and killing the man’s family. The reason for this torture in the workplace? Zimmerman’s former colleague is of Middle Eastern heritage. George Zimmerman was ultimately fired from his job for his bullying tactics and for constantly complaining about his colleagues.

Here’s the audio:

George Zimmerman is currently on trial for killing Trayvon Martin, an African-American teenager who was simply walking home to his father’s home in the neighborhood. Zimmerman profiled Trayvon and chased him down before shooting him. Zimmerman’s former colleague only sheds more light on the racism Trayvon’s killer has exhibited time and time again. This hatred of those of other races, combined with the shooting of an innocent boy of color, has prompted the FBI to consider charging Zimmerman with a hate crime. And as more and more evidence piles up against Zimmerman, it’s clear that charging him with a hate crime is the right thing to do.