Mississippi Conservative Calls For Putting Gay People To Death On Facebook Page

Author: May 19, 2012 10:15 am

Republicans have been furiously attacking the LGBT community ever since President Obama announced his support of marriage equality for same-sex couples. Some Republicans have taken their criticism to the extreme. In Mississippi, GOP state Rep. Andy Gipson posted a message on his Facebook page which calls for putting gays and lesbians to death.

On May 10, Gipson made the following post:

“Been a lot of press on Obama’s opinion on “homosexual marriage.” The only opinion that counts is God’s: see Romans 1:26-28 and Leviticus 20:13. Anyway you slice it, it is sin. Not to mention horrific social policy.”

Later on in the thread, Gipson posts a comment about how homosexuality is “unnatural” and causes “disease.”

According to Leviticus 20:13, “If a man has sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They are to be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads.”

By referring to this Bible verse on his Facebook page, Gipson is in fact, calling for killing homosexuals. And he isn’t apologizing for it either.

After receiving an email petition from UnityMS calling for him to apologize, Gipson responded on Friday by posting the following message on Facebook:

“To be clear, I want the world to know that I do not, cannot, and will not apologize for the inspired truth of God’s Word. It is one thing that will never “change.” Anyone who knows me knows I also believe that all people are created in God’s image, and that all people are loved by God, so much so that He gave us the truth of His Word which convicts us of the reality and guilt of our sin, and He gave us His Son Jesus who paid the full penalty for all our sins, by His grace through our faith in Him as we repent of our sin. John 3:16. It is this message that I preach every Sunday. I sincerely pray God will reach someone through this message.”

As of Saturday, Gipson seems to have removed his offensive posts, but has not apologized. You can view his page here.

Gipson, like many other Republicans, puts Biblical law over Constitutional law. And as a state Representative, that’s a clear violation of separation of church and state and a failure to uphold the oath of office. You know, that oath in which politicians swear to defend the Constitution. The only lawful document that matters in America is the Constitution, but Republicans like Gipson want to light it on fire and pretend the Bible is the law of this country. It’s a dangerous view that would destroy freedom, liberty, and every other American value protected by the Constitution.

Openly calling for the deaths of American citizens because they happen to be gay is an egregious offense that should force Gipson to resign his position. Because it is clear that he is unable to adhere to Constitutional values such as equality and personal liberty.


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  • INTERESTING since the majoirty of Americans remember HOW we got into this economic situation: tax cuts for wealthy DURING 2+ wars — AN HISTORIC FIRST SINCE REVENUE IS needed TO PAY FOR COST OF WAR, INCLUDING VETERAN COSTS LONG AFTER WAR HAS ENDED!! — & tax cuts for wealthy’s dysfunctional brother: OUTSOURCING esp. during 2+ wars, leaving LESS REVENUE, less focus infrastructure AND less people HERE working.

    also, do tell me where the RNC debt counter was in 2004? and if economic conditions are an indicator of re-election, explain WHY John Boehner has been repeatedly re-elected while millions of manufacturing jobs were lost in Ohio alone: YES, OUTSOURCED WITH TAX CUTS TO WEALTHY? this process left Ohio a virtual wasteland in many areas! and if you can’t answer that question, please explain why Mitch McConnell is NOW one of the most wealthiest persons in America WHILE his state of Kentucky has the HIGHEST welfare use (Owsley County, Kentucky which is 99.22% white and 95% republican). your party is about IDEOLOGY and is using “debt” to cover-up hatred only, because I don’t think the new-GOP can even count or KNOWS what a functional economy is!

  • LOL I guess Gipson missed an entire Leviticus chapter on himself: Chapter 11! and you know Gipson is swine/shellfish eating on his most holy day, Sunday a/k/a sinning & grinning day, which technically isn’t the sabbath, since Gipson wants to “throw stones” first. and didn’t Hitler try Gipson’s idea? how’d that work out for him??!!

    but seriously, it would be a GREAT reality AND COMEDIC show to watch a “conservative christian RWNJ” try and live EXACTLY as translated bible says to do while following lock & step with their beloved-ONLY-WHEN-CONVENIENT constitution. as soon as “no bacon” is revealed as one of the “rules”, RWNJ is ready to declare war w/2nd Amendment taped across its chest

  • Like his Facebook page, HE should be deleted from any kind of public office. Permanently.

  • How do these sickos get elected to office? Honestly, that is the mindset of a psycho.

  • HELLO Hitler, I see he is alive and well .I have lived in Mississippi All my life and I don’t know of ONE PERSON who is so ignorant that they would even think such Vial thoughts. FIRST, your chromosomes determine your sexuality, male , female or any combination of both are possible. I gather what this ignorant human(that’s up for a vote) is saying is ‘anyone who is not considered “normal” should be KILLED? Isn’t that what Hitler wanted and knew NOTHING about about genetics or chromosomes. Why don’t we just start MURDERING anyone without Blue eyes and Blond hair? Let’s MURDER down Syndrome children or maybe children born without legs or arms, maybe also children born without the “NORMAL” intelligence of this Ignorant Human being? it is 2012, we KNOW , that is If we take the time to get educated in the concept of how humans are what they are. People, (I mean this idiot and anyone else who would actually think like this Idiot) it is time you STOP hating and Stop being so stupid, you never learn past the year 1800. You can quote bible all you want but those people in that book had No knowledge of the things we now KNOW FOR FACTS. Humans arent just a miracle, they are created by the sperm raping the egg, like a chicken egg almost. What comes from that act is many versions of humans and frankly I would rather deal with millions of Gays that one idiot like that guy who made such a Vial statement. If anyone is interested, Im a Mother of three and grand mother of three, so Im not Gay I just have enough intelligence to know better than to go on line with such ignorant statements as this JERK.

  • “Mississippi Conservative Calls For Putting Gay People To Death On Facebook Page”
    Ever hear of a dangling modifier? Was he planning to hold executions on facebook?
    He suggested, on his webpage, that gay people should be killed.
    I suggest, on THIS webpage that he has severe psycholical problems.

  • His FB page seems to have been deleted completely. I was going to leave him some choice words, perhaps several thousand people beat me to it!

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homosexual_behavior_in_animals

    Homosexuality is not and has never been shown to be an act of dominance. That is by far the most absurd statement on gays I have ever heard.

    Simply put the gay community is the only one left that it is politically correct and acceptable to publicly scorn, discriminate against and humiliate.

  • The “gentleman” does know his Bible as it was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai, only as it was translated by translators with an agenda for King James.

  • Where is the left’s furry with Islam? They denounce gays & ask for beheadings. There is no call for beheading anyone here & no, there is no belief the “Bible is above Constitutional law” to behead people in Christianity. Where is the anger regarding Islam forcing Sharia across the globe? This man used his free speech & right to religion to state what the Bible says about the laws under Moses. He has a right to do that. He did not call for anyone’s head. And I find it highly hypocritical the left constantly supports islam’s right to religion & beheading for homosexual acts, the atheists right to their faith in themselves, but heaven no shall any Christian share their faith with their free speech rights. PROOF of where the control & evil lies, right there.

    • Ok thats just uncalled for, as a member of the “left” I can say it doesn’t matter what religion espouses these ideas, whether Christian or Muslim it is contemptable speech and has no place in this century. Stop berating Muslims, Christians play the victim far too often despite being the largest religious group in this country and the world. The left supports Islam and all people’s right to religion without being discriminated against and definately do not support anyone being beheaded so I have no clue what you’re talking about. Stop playing the victim it really doesn’t suit you.

    • Because the effects of radical Christianity are a more clear and present danger than those of radical Islam, being the vast majority of people in this country are Christians and quite a few in government are of the radical variety, whereas there are few Muslims in power in this country trying to push their beliefs on us.

      Furthermore, supporting someone’s right to have a religion doesn’t necessitate supporting their right to “beheading for homosexual acts”.

      FURTHERMORE STILL, the First Amendment where the “free speech rights” ACTUALLY SAYS: “Congress shall make no law… or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

      It says that the government can’t pass laws abridging free speech, not that we can’t call you a jackass for saying things that jackasses would say, otherwise it would be contradictory as it would prohibit my right to freely call you a jackass.

      Christians have every right to share their faith, but when it affects me I have every right to call them out on it.

    • Because there is only ONE Muslim representative in the US…and he does NOT promote the killing of gay people. Please pull your head out. You know the difference. This is an ELECTED OFFICIAL in the United States for goodness sake! Could you have left a more idiotic comment?

    • You’re whining about Sharia by upholding Sharia? It is the law of the Old Testament, you deeply ignorant dumbfuck.

    • I think the difference is that Christian fundamentalism is the rhetoric of the North American ruling classes. If every Republican candidate feigned a hard-line Islamic stance to bait voters, then that particular fight would have more urgency (in America and on English-speaking internet channels at least).

      Also, this guy *is* calling for the death of gays, just in a thinly veiled fashion. I don’t see any Christian/Islamic double standard in this instance. Just a site with a focus on domestic political issues. What’s wrong with that?

      Lastly, nobody is denying Gipson’s right to free speech. We’re simply exercising our own by calling him out on being an irredeemable dickhead.

  • Another GOPer Goober preaching the gospel of hate. I wonder if he feels the same about putting Adulterers to death Leviticus 20:10, two verses before the so-called homosexual condemation verse.

  • Mark H. Goldberg

    This Andy Gipson call for my murder has really gotten me riled up. And if he hasn’t riled you, then I declare that you’re not thinking…This gent differs ONLY in style of dress and lack of facial hair from the terrorists of Islamic extremism and thus MUST be investigated and treated as a terrorist. He must leave his government post for his call for extermination of American citizens. If you don’t agree, substitute some other group for “gay” and see if you could easier tolerate his presence in state government. Say he were to call for the deaths of all Greeks in the United States? or better yet, to call for the deaths of all bicycled riders? Both calls are as idiotic and hateful as his heinous call for the murder of all gay people. And as a gay person I refuse to be murdered to satisfy his extremist religious fantasies. End of story.

  • If thats a picture of him I can’t help but think hmmm… Leviticus 19:27…. SINNNNNNERR!!!!!!

  • In the New Testament in the Book Of Revelation it says right will be wrong and wrong will be right. Homosexuality is wrong and people think it is right. Wrong is wrong. We are in the end times people.

    • You’re so right… What’s wrong is wrong… Leviticus 19:33- When an alien lives with you in your land, do not mistreat him. Republicans sure mistreat immigrants but they think its right…

  • Ad hominem attacks may feel good, get a load off your chest, even create a bit of bonding. I in no way support what this man says.
    Too many people in this country see through his comments. Every attempt to have him removed from office should be made. Sadly, that’ll take time.

  • Why does it seem like all these extemists are getting a huge platform for all their rediculous diatribes. There has always been crazy people, extemists who stand on soapboxes shouting their warnings to whom ever will listen, but lately the media is giving them too much air. By doing this they lend credibility to those we would have just ignored in the past. How this guy ever got elected to anything is the scariest part. But then he is a state rep in Mississippi, which may explain it right there.

  • He’s the one who should be put to death.

  • You can’t post to his page at Fartbook, but you can still post a message to him at his page by using the message feature. I asked him what he was teaching his beautiful children when he encouraged people to put others to death for being different.

  • I refuse to follow an imperfect deity. One that creates women as an after thought, Gen. 2-22. One who cannot distequish speces between bird, mammal. A deity that claims hares have cloved hooves. A god that man created in his own image, so morons had something to cling to for discrimation purposes. To go to war for god and country to hate because some fictitious being says it ok. 1500 species have homosexuals. Only one has morons

    • ncc9389 Thanks for your reply!

    • NCC9389…fabulous response. I love the last two statements. Those need to become a banner somewhere. The only laugh I had during the reading of this article and the comments. Well said!

    • @ncc9389, absolutely. I feel the same way to the letter.

    • Woman were not created as an afterthought. If woman was born first and man second you would use the same argument? I am not sure where you are getting he didn’t know the difference species, that is not accurate either, nor is anything else in your statement. I certainly hope you hate Islam as well, because if you were talking about the quran, you would at least be semi correct & maybe not a hypocrite.. 1500 species do not have homosexuals. Time and time again it is shown to be a an act of dominance, and nothing more.

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