The Obama Campaign Disassembles Another Karl Rove Attack Ad (VIDEO)

Go ahead, Rove, piss away your corporate millions on bullshit, we’ll just keep passing around these simple fact checking videos that cost a couple of hundred dollars to make. Ain’t social media a wonderful thing?

Here’s why making sure these counter-propaganda videos are important for us to spread around: We, the people, cannot hope to match the billions in dark money from corporations. If they succeed in buying this election, it will be open season on our democracy. You thought it was corrupt before? We’ll be wishing for the good old days of lobbyists. Once the corporations get a feel for how easy it is to extort our politicians, they’ll never stop. Need a permit to dump toxic sludge in the Mississippi? Just threaten to spend $40 million in negative campaign ads against a Senator that won’t play ball. And that will be the story of us.

BUT! If we can push back hard enough through actual grassroots campaigning, if we can rally the country with the truth, if we can show our elected officials that we can support them against the tide of dirty money, then corporations will lose their stranglehold on the country. It’s up to us to participate in our democracy by getting the information out there. Email this video. Digg it. Tweet it. Facebook it. Google + it. Myspace it. Just kidding on that last one. Get it out there and show Karl Rove that America is not for sale to the highest bidder!

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