US Catholic Church Would Rather See You Die Than Let Insurance Companies Cover Birth Control

Author: May 23, 2012 12:05 pm

If it weren’t for the American people, including the non-Catholics, there would likely be no US Catholic Church.

  • In 2010, nearly 62% of its revenue came directly from the US Government.
  • The rest of their revenue was tax-free, costing the taxpayers millions of dollars in revenues.

Every single American, Catholic or not, pays the Catholic Church right out of his or her own pocket, yet if some in the hierarchy have their way, their hospitals will turn away all who fail their religious purity test, and even some that do.

The Catholic Church has waged a war on the US Government and specifically the Obama administration because the administration is requiring that insurance companies cover birth control for employees of not predominently religious institutions, such as hospitals and schools…institutions that serve the general public and employ the general public, not just Catholics.

The argument from the Catholic Church is that the administration is interfering with their religious liberty, while the Church ignores the liberty of its employees. They are also selectively forgetting all the other laws that prohibit religious institutions from doing whatever the hell they want, starting with laws against molesting children.

That doesn’t stop them from holding their breath till the country turns blue. They are threatening to turn away all non-Catholics from Catholic hospitals and even worse, close them all down.

In a statement that would put most drama queens to shame, the Archdiocese of Washington had this to say about the issue:

“1. Our more than 600 hospitals nationwide, which will need to stop non-Catholics at the emergency room door and say, ‘We are only allowed by the government to heal Catholics.’

“2. Our schools, which will be required to say to non-Catholic parents, ‘We are only allowed by the government to educate Catholics.’

“3. Our shelters, on cold nights, which will be required to say to the homeless who are non-Catholics, ‘We are only allowed by the government to shelter Catholics.’

“4. Our food pantries, which will be forced to say to non-Catholics, ‘the government allows us only to satisfy the hunger of Catholics.’ ”

Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York has already threatened that they will stop feeding the poor.

A few months ago, Chicago’s Francis Cardinal George went even further.

“What will happen if the HHS regulations are not rescinded?” he asked. A faithful ministry must choose between selling itself to a non-Catholic group, paying “exorbitant annual fines” until going bankrupt, breaking its ties to the Church’s “moral and social teachings and the oversight of its ministry by the local bishop,” or closing down.

There are currently 600 Catholic hospitals in the US (more than one in 10 American hospitals). One in six Americans will visit a Catholic hospital this year. For many Americans, a Catholic hospital is the only hospital within a reasonable distance. Millions of people will be left virtually without healthcare, simply for not being Catholic.

What will happen if the Catholic Church continues this war on the American people? They will be forced into bankruptcy. Taxpayer dollars could dry up. Their tax exempt status could be at risk. People typically don’t take kindly to being bullied, especially by a church that they are supporting, yet have no allegiance to.

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  • I agree with pointing out the hypocrisy here (after all, Jesus told us not to be like the hypocrites), but what this article implies about the Catholic Church receiving government support is simply not true at a local level. It is absolutely true that hospitals and charitable organizations receive government payment for services offered. (Like Medicaid paying for a hospital stay, or a state government paying Catholic Charities for foster care services, etc…) But local parishes operate only on donations from the faithful.

  • omgomgwtfbbq

    To borrow from the English Articles of Religion:

    “The Bishop of Rome hath no jurisdiction in this realm.”

  • Was raised Catholic in the 1950’s when the Mass was spoken in Latin. As a kid, always thought it was stupid everyone said the responses’ in Latin too. Who knew what they were saying?
    Catholics’ could not eat meat on Friday, a day of fasting.
    Some people went to Purgatory, kind of a holding place when they died instead of Heaven if they had sinned certain sins.
    They could get out of Purgatory if enough living people prayed for the repose of their souls. Today Catholics’ can eat meat on Friday, Women no longer ware head and arm coverings. Purgatory is no more and the Mass is in English. Why have these things changed and not the other antiquated dictatorial rules?
    The Vatican is still against birth control, married Priests, Women Priests, accepting GLBT people in the church. Those among many other rules that have nothing to do with the Ten Commandments‘.
    Thought that we are to believe that Moses brought the two tablets of stone written by God himself down the mountain to the people. Those Ten Commandments’ were what we were suppose to believe and follow as the laws from God? Moses did not bring down a bible too!
    That is a book written by men who told stories. We all know what happens to a story as it get’s passed on.
    All organized religions have evolved from the base of telling those stories to their followers; to scare them and make them obedient, (fire and brimstone).
    God loves everyone but will crush you and shoot lightning bolts at you if you do what the church says is a sin.
    As early as the fourth century, the Catholic church began adopting traditions and beliefs that were never a part of original New Testament of Christianity. It has been written that many of these new ideas first emerged from the era of the Roman Emperor.
    Sure think that God did not intend for Priests, Bishops, Cardinals’ and the Pope to glorify themselves with all the vestments, (gowns) they ware for show.
    Have stopped attending church many years ago, and especially now because the “Pedophile Priest does not believe in Gay Marriage“!
    No organized religion should be dictating rules to the public or government. Also not be tax exempted unless that entity can prove they are not for profit.

  • I’ll get the molotovs ready.

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