North Carolina Newspaper Prints Klan Rally Flyer On Page One

The Statesville Record & Landmark, a North Carolina newspaper, greeted readers this morning with the news of a KKK rally being held in the North Iredell County area this weekend. It was the headline news in a town of 24,633. According to the flyer that they printed on the front page (mercifully blocking out the contact information) the rally is to be held in a neighboring town, with the sickly ironic name of ‘Harmony.’

The flyer, and subsequently the front page of the newspaper, promises “Free Admition (sic)” and “Free Onsite Camping.” They’ll be food and drink vendors, souvenirs and of course, a cross burning.

Perhaps unnecessarily, it also adds the proviso, “White People Only.”

In the Record & Landmark’s online version of the story, the tone of the reporting seems almost disinterested, almost spartan compared to the attention it received in print. At the very least, nobody seems very alarmed. And even though they say it’s been at least 20 years since the Klan met in the County, the police will not be on alert (emphasis mine):

Capt. Darren Campbell of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office said deputies are aware of the rally but will not have a presence there unless called for service. “It’s on private property,” he said, adding that law enforcement cannot be on the property unless a crime is committed.

“Our officers are aware in case any problems should arise,” he said. “But they have not asked for any assistance for us. They have not reached out to us.”

Well, I suppose it’s a relief the Klan hasn’t asked for any assistance. But I assume they’ll “reach out” if they do.

If you look at the very bottom of the page, you see an ad for an urgent care facility, located in Statesville. It is in color, and everything is spelled correctly. But it sure isn’t as eye-catching as the advertising the Klan got for free this morning.