John McCain Calls Romney’s Tenure At Bain Capital ‘Cruel’ (VIDEO)

John McCain is supposed to at least pretend that he supports Mitt Romney for President, but he has had a really difficult time doing so. In January, McCain appeared at a Romney event to speak highly of the former Massachusetts Governor, but instead of praising Romney, McCain praised President Obama. Freudian slip? Maybe, maybe not. But even if it were just an innocent slip of the tongue, there’s no way McCain can walk back his comments about Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital that he made on Fox News on Sunday.

During an appearance on Fox News with host Chris Wallace, McCain talked about Mitt Romney’s tenure at Bain Capital, and I’m sure Mitt Romney is not happy about it. You see, McCain confirmed what most of us have known for years. McCain says Romney’s record at Bain Capital was the “cruel” part of the free enterprise system.

“This is the free enterprise system. The only place in the world that I can recall where companies never failed was the old Soviet Union. This is what investors do in the free enterprise and capitalism system. And, yes, the free enterprise system can be cruel. But the problem with this administration is that small businesses have been the ones that have suffered the most, the kind that need investors, the kind that don’t need the hundreds of pages, the thousands of pages of regulations that continue to plague them and have them continue to hold back on hiring and investment.”

Here’s the video:

While at Bain Capital, Mitt Romney engaged in vulture capitalism, a strategy in which Bain would buy struggling companies, gut them and sell the carcasses off for a profit before the companies failed. Thousands of people lost their jobs because of Bain Captial and Mitt Romney. Romney and Bain actually got rich because of this practice. It’s a cruel way to make profit, but many Americans, for some reason, fail to see the problem with this. And that is why it’s good whenever McCain screws up by telling the truth.

Mitt Romney continually brags about being a job creator, but as Mad Money host Jim Cramer mentioned last week on Meet The Press that Romney is actually a “job destroyer.” Romney never apologized for making profit off of the misfortune of American workers. He simply fired them (he enjoys doing that), outsourced the jobs overseas, and counted his money as the companies went down in flames, taking the last remaining American jobs with them. As President, we can only expect more cruel decisions from Romney. He’ll do it in the name of profit for the 1% and the rest of us will pay for it.

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