NY Republican Campaign Spokesman Suggests Throwing Acid Into The Faces Of Female Dem Senators

It’s by far the most violent rhetoric aimed at female Democrats so far in 2012, and may be unprecedented in American politics. The campaign spokesman for New York Republican Rep. Nan Hayworth took part in a discussion on Facebook and called for throwing acid into the faces of female Democratic senators

GOP campaign spokesman Jay Townsend joined discussion of a post regarding national gas prices on the NY19 U.S. House of Representatives Discussion Center Facebook page. In response to a commenter named Tom, Townsend made reference to the war on women and called for attacking female Democratic senators with acid:

Listen to Tom,” Townsend wrote. “What a little bee he has in his bonnet. Buzz Buzz. My question today … when is Tommy boy going to weigh in on all the Lilly Ledbetter hypocrites who claim to be fighting the War on Women? Let’s hurl some acid at those female democratic Senators who won’t abide the mandates they want to impose on the private sector.

Hayworth’s Democratic opponents are of course outraged, and are calling for the firing of Townsend, and Townsend has caught a lot of flack for his comment on the thread where he posted. Democratic campaign spokesman Barry Caro said in a statement  that if he had made this comment, he’d have been fired on the spot. Townsend has not yet been fired for his distasteful and violent rhetoric.

Townsend’s call to attack female Democratic senators with acid should be condemned by Republicans far and wide, and he should have been fired right away. This violent rhetoric underscores the fact that Republicans have continually threatened to harm their political opposition, the fact that they are indeed waging a war on women, and shows a total disrespect for Democratic women in Congress. I wouldn’t be shocked, however, if Republicans stand by Townsend. But if they do, it won’t exactly help them close the incredibly wide gender gap they face among female voters, not to mention that Americans don’t really care for political parties that call for violence against the peaceful opposition.

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