Republicans Elect Skinhead In Pennsylvania; Let’s Recognize Who Supports Nazi Beliefs (VIDEO)

Steve Smith, a white supremacist and Neo-Nazi  has been elected to represent the Republican Party as a committeeman in Luzerne County, PA. Smith is a well known figure in white-power circles, and has ties to an array of racist organizations such as American Third Position, Aryan Nations, Council of Conservative CitizensKeystone United and has acted as  leader of the Philadelphia chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of White People. He is also active on the racist website, where he posted a copy of his election certificate, seen here:

Smith had a letter printed in the Wilkes-Barre Time-Leader back in January, where he writes:

Many experts predict that, if current trends continue, whites will be a minority in the United States by 2050; some predict it can happen sooner. If this prediction comes true, it will be catastrophic to our country and well-being. The European American Action Coalition is committed to reversing this anti-white trend. The coalition is an organization dedicated to educating, advancing and defending our culture, rights and heritage.

And just what does Steve Smith mean, when he says, “Defending our culture, rights and heritage?” Well, in 2003, Smith and two of his fellow ‘political activists’ were arrested for attacking an African-American man with stones and pieces of pavement. Stone pleaded guilty to making terrorist threats and ethnic intimidation, for which he was given a 60 day sentence and probation.
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See the video from One People’s Project here:

Congratulations, Luzerne County Republicans. Nice pick.

You know, we’ve had to listen to a lot of nonsense about President Obama and Dems being Nazis, for quite a while now. Granted, many of Obama’s critics call him a Muslim, Socialist and Communist, all seemingly without the vaguest notion of what those terms mean. But I’ve often thought there was something extra buried in the Nazi accusation; and it’s called ‘projection.’

Projection is the act of attributing feelings or beliefs you possess, but cannot admit to, onto others. It’s usually known as an unconscious action, but if engaged purposely in a political climate, it can be a very effective tool.

Look at the modern conservative movement, and you see behaviors and values that are common to the Nazism; nationalism, distrust and outright hostility towards other races, cultures and religions, increasingly violent rhetoric and aggression towards those they view as opponents.

But, if while you foment those ideologies and practices, escalating gradually, while loudly accusing your political enemy of embracing those practices, you’ve accomplished two goals:

  1. You’ve created a smokescreen. In this example, as progressives are horrified by the Nazi comparison, they are on the defensive. Any measures that could be interpreted as ‘radical’ are put aside, in a spirit of compromise. Obama has spent much of his first term, ‘reaching across the aisle’ to people who revile him. It has been an effective means to slow progress on social issues, which conservatives oppose. Meanwhile, your own actions are not the focal point of the political conversation.
  2. Society begins to reject the terminology you introduced, before it can be applied to you. People have become so inured to political hyperbole, they’ve become tired of it. They’ve heard the term ‘Nazi’ applied so freely and so baselessly, that they’ve rejected any use of the term, even where applicable.

That’s what projection does for you, politically. While the right has more and more engaged in up-front behavior that reflects actual Nazi beliefs, we don’t call them Nazis, because that’s just too extreme. Well here’s what Steve Smith, a skinhead and Nazi thinks about the Tea-Party; he calls them,“fertile grounds for our activists.”

You can photo-shop a Hitler mustache on Obama, and pretend that you’re fighting totalitarianism, if you want. But here’s what a real live Nazi looks like; and he’s an elected Republican official:

That’s Committeeman Steve Smith (R), on the megaphone

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