Media Critic Smacks Down Fox News, Says No One Should Ever Hire Their Employees Again (AUDIO)

Every once in awhile someone actually goes on the air to slam Fox News in a no-holds-barred, one-sided beat down. On Saturday afternoon, someone took the initiative and smacked down the corrupt media corporation during an interview on Media Matters Radio.

David Zurawik is a media critic for The Baltimore Sun. He has been known to criticize Fox News from time to time, and this occasion was no different. Zurawik blasted Fox & Friends for running an anti-Obama ad that could have been made by the RNC, and called every employee at the biased network unworthy of being hired by any other media network.

“Nobody wants to hire you, and it’s because you’ve worked at Fox,” Zurawik declared. “You know, you’re working for an outlaw, rogue organization. And it can send me their ratings every goddamn five damn minutes and I still am not impressed with them as a journalistic operation. And I wouldn’t hire anybody who worked at Fox even if I knew them, because I believe they’ve been compromised.”

Here’s the audio:

Zurawik couldn’t be any more correct. Every single employee who works at Fox News is a disgrace to the American principle of a free press. Fox News has zero credibility or integrity, and should be yanked from the airwaves for constantly misleading the public and being the mouthpiece for a political party.

Fox News is so corrupt that it even manipulates it’s own polls to attack Democrats and is so bad at informing the public that people who watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or no news at all have more knowledge of the world and the issues than Fox News viewers. When a satirical news program surpasses you in informing people, you’re no longer a viable news network. When a person can live in the woods for a month without news of any kind and still be more informed than Fox News viewers, that’s pretty damn sad. It’s not just sad, it’s embarrassing. Fox News doesn’t care about evidence or facts or reality, the people there make up their own from scratch. If Fox News were to be shut down immediately, America’s IQ would instantly skyrocket. And maybe making it clear that Fox News is a dead end job will convince prospective journalists to stay away from the network for their own sake or risk becoming a laughingstock amongst the journalistic community and the country.