Face The Nation Shows ‘Silly And Petty’ Republican Stunts (VIDEO)

On Sunday, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus had an opportunity to make sense of his party’s actions of last week at Mitt Romney and Obama events alike. What he did was to give America some unwelcome insight into the depths of current political dialogue, conservative style.

His interview on Face The Nation was all the things we’ve come to expect from the modern-day Republicans; short, easily digestible catch-phrases, an astounding capacity for distortion and tenaciously clinging to scripted narrative, even when it has no bearing on the questions posed. But more than that it displayed an astonishing lack of character from the leader of the Republican Party, and the men who would make Mitt Romney king.

With Priebus in Milwaukee for the Scott Walker Recall election, host Bob Schieffer began the interview with a question about Walker’s chances. Priebus responded by re-framing the question, so as to attack President Obama. From Raw Story:

“I think it’s going pretty well,” the RNC chairman insisted. “You know, the difference between Scott Walker and the president is pretty stark. … Scott Walker is one of these special people that have made promises and kept promises. You contrast that to [Obama adviser] David Axelrod’s boss, he’s a president who’s in love with the sound of his own voice but hasn’t been able to follow through on too many promises.”

Of course we’ve come to expect the ‘attack, attack, attack’ strategy from Republicans, but it’s getting so any time they’re offered a second of microphone time, all any of them from Romney on down, can think of to say is ‘Screw Obama!’

It’s the new ‘Baba-Booey’ for the right.

You have to admire Bob Schieffer, he’s been doing this since the days when Sunday political shows were actually informative, substantive viewing, before they became pep-rallies for cheerleaders in power ties, and his follow-up question had some teeth:

“You say, a president that’s in love with his own voice,” Schieffer noted. “That leads me to what you all were doing last week, that is organizing a rally to try to drown out David Axelrod when he goes up to Boston at the same that out on the west coast Gov. Romney was loading up reporters and taking them on a secret mission to the Solyndra plant because he said he couldn’t reveal where they were going, but he was fearful that Democrats would try to break that up.”

And more to the point:

“Isn’t that kind of silly and petty when you look at it?”

Short answer? Yes. It is. The RNC sent a bunch of punks to heckle David Axelrod at an event in Boston. That is a fact. While on the other side of the country, Romney’s people were hustling reporters onto a bus so that ‘agents of Solyndra and Obama’ couldn’t sabotage Romney’s photo-op; which of course nothing more than another attack, in itself.

This where you see it: the childishness, the rationalizations that sound like they came straight from the lips of a school-yard bully. It’s the stubborn cognitive dissonance that is repeated in every Republican narrative; they behave shamefully, and pretend it’s the behavior of the other side. Priebus laughs off the actual thuggish behavior on the right, while at the same time using it to justify their paranoia against shadow enemies.

Here’s the video: