Democrats Appear To Have Taken Control Of Wisconsin State Senate With Lone Victory

Author: June 6, 2012 11:48 am

Let’s be honest, last night’s recall election in Wisconsin was a mess for Democrats. For some reason, voters in Wisconsin chose to support the slow suicidal path that Republicans have worked so hard to establish in the state. The voters sided with corporations over unions, ignorance over education, suffering over health, pollution over the environment, the wealthy over the poor, and women’s subjugation over women’s rights. Right-wing billionaires from out-of-state swindled the people of Wisconsin, and money clearly made more impact than the issues at stake. However, it wasn’t all bad for Democrats.

In the fight for Wisconsin’s soul, Democrats have reportedly¬†won a senate seat that wrests control of the senate away from Republican hands.

Out of the four senate recall races on Tuesday night, only one Democrat declared victory. Former Senator John Lehman told his cheering supporters that Democrats secured a victory over incumbent Republican Senator Van Wanggard in District 21. The vote has yet to be certified and Wanggard refuses to concede.

The victory, however, could be all for nothing since the general assembly is out of session until after November. Democrats could very well lose the senate in November because 16 seats are up for grabs. And judging by the GOP cash flow and the results of last night’s election, it’s fair to say that Republicans could likely take back control of the senate, which would give Scott Walker free reign to strangle Wisconsin until conservatism becomes the supreme law of the state.


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  • It’s a victory but a hollow one.

    This just means that Walker won’t introduce right to work until after the elections in November, when the Republicans will likely have retaken the state senate.

    Right to work will likely be another show down, and because the recall options have failed, the chances for more direct actions– i.e., strikes, nonviolent direct action, will be in the offing. Right to work will be the next fight, and if we learn from the last one, it could be the catalyst that discredits the Republican Party once and for all.

    Of course, this assumes that the John Doe investigation has nothing. And that’s a big assumption.

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