Donald Trump Finds The Word Birther ‘Derogatory’; And For Once, He’s Right

Donald Trump has come out of whatever the opposite of seclusion is, to issue a plea on behalf of a segment of the population that knows too well the harsh sting of discrimination: Birthers.

The Donald, who is such a well-known megalomaniac that they actually created a reality show just so he could push people around on a national stage, would like a title more befitting the “Quality people” it describes:

I think the word ‘birther’ is a derogatory term, created by a certain group in the media.

To which one can only reply; Yes. It is a derogatory term. The name was coined by popular culture, not by the media, but the media ran with it. It was created as derivation of the word ‘truther,’ which was a derogatory name for people who believed in complex, sinister conspiracies about the details of 9/11, and who still refuse to accept any evidence that contradicts their beliefs.

In fact, birthers and truthers are very similar in their unwillingness to accept established realities. Recently Trump tried to distance himself from the ‘movement,’ even as he fanned its long-irrelevant flames. And he’s not the only person whose feelings have been bruised by the ‘Birther’ title; some poor souls have even compared their struggle to older examples of discrimination.

So you can see that they all feel terribly maligned, and for no other reason than their absolute refusal to accept the obvious truth. So what would be a more palatable term to describe birthers? Trump suggests, ““place-of-birth movement.”

In a related story, village idiots would now like to be referred to as ‘Regional Cognition-Deficit Managers.’

In all honesty, Trump and the rest of these boobs who can’t accept the black man as president under any conditions, should probably just count themselves lucky, some people have started calling them ‘after-birthers, ‘ or people who are demanding the birth certificate even after they’ve already seen it.