America Is Now ‘South Park’ – Another ‘Stand Your Ground’ Murder; This Time Over Loud Music

He's unarmed but I feel threatened! Kill'em!

The NRA and the GOP have a goal in mind for the American people: one gun in every hand and a willingness to use it for any reason at all. The NRA wants this because it is good for the gun manufacturers that control the organization. The GOP wants this because it creates a country filled with people who consider life to be cheap and disposable; where everyone is a potential threat and it’s safer to shoot first and never ask questions.

Meet their new poster boy: Raul Rodriguez. Mr. Rodriguez was upset that his neighbors were playing their music too loudly so he picked up his video camera and his gun and set off to fix the problem.

In Mr. Rodriguez’s world, the one created by the NRA and GOP, it is perfectly acceptable to approach several intoxicated men with your gun out and bark orders at them. This is “standing your ground.”

In Mr. Rodriguez’s world, the one created by the NRA and GOP, picking a fight with unarmed men means that your life feels threatened.

In Mr. Rodriguez’s world, the one created by the NRA and GOP, shooting unarmed men because their music was too loud is completely justifiable.

In Mr. Rodriguez’s world, the one created by the NRA and GOP, human life is now worth less than the annoyance of loud music. Possibly getting beat up is now cause for murder. Your right to life is now less important than whatever reason I can come up with to shoot you. All I have to do is yell “I feel like my life is threatened!” and it’s OK if I blow you away. It doesn’t matter if I’m on your property threatening you with a gun, all you have to do is step too close and I can kill you with a clear conscience. The NRA and the GOP have told me so. I “stood my ground” like a man and took another man’s life.

Here’s the video:

The NRA and the GOP have turned America into a South Park cartoon:

Once legalized murder becomes the norm the next step in cheapening human life will be legalized revenge killings and reinstating duels. Hyperbole? Hysterical? Did you honestly think, ten years ago, that it would be OK to start a fight and then shoot your unarmed opponent? Sounds perfectly normal to the savages on the right these days. We’ve traveled a good distance down a slippery slope and it doesn’t appear that any level of tragedy is enough to change our course. Maybe when a bus filled with children is caught in the cross fire between manly men that felt “threatened” we’ll rethink our gun laws.
But I doubt it.

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