Jon Stewart Embarrasses Media For Wasting Time Asking What’s Fair Game In Political Attacks (VIDEO)

If there’s one thing Jon Stewart does with unapologetic gusto it’s criticizing the media for failing to do their job. During Thursday night’s Daily Show, Stewart tore into the media for constantly asking what is fair game when attacking your opponent instead of finding out what attacks are accurate.

Stewart began by mocking Joe Scarborough for criticizing an article buried in The New York Times about Mitt Romney’s wealth. Scarborough felt it was unfair that Romney was criticized and not John Kerry eight years earlier. That’s when Willie Geist showed the Morning Joe host that the Times did indeed run a similar article about John Kerry’s wealth on page one. Scarborough complained that attacks on Romney aren’t fair game.

That’s when Jon Stewart launched into a hilarious discussion about multiple networks talking about what is fair game and what isn’t, as if it doesn’t matter what candidates have done in the past.

“Is it fair to judge job applicants by prior work experience?” Stewart asked. After viewing a clip of CNN pundits talking about when it’s okay to attack Romney, Stewart quipped, “you may attack him, that’s fair game, but not if it’s for political gain… you may not attack a politician if you are looking to stop him from beating him in an election.”

Stewart blasted the media for asking if every issue is fair game, saying that,

“I’m beginning to think this whole media ‘is it fair’ conversation is a time-killing circle jerk, but that would be a disservice to circle-jerks because even circle-jerks end with some kind of tangible conclusion.”

Then Stewart suggested the media should actually do their job and find out which attacks are true or false.

“What if instead of asking if politician’s attacks are fair, maybe you could find out if they’re true or accurate or relevant.”

Sounds like good advice to me.

Here’s the video: