Jesse Ventura Is Not A Fan Of The Magic Underwear (VIDEOS)

Former wrestler and Governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, isn’t real comfortable with the idea of Presidential magic underwear, but don’t expect to hear his views or his conspiracy theories on the mainstream media.

David Pakman interviewed the former Governor, who is an atheist and has no plans to vote for Mitt Romney. “I don’t want someone in the highest office that believes in magic underwear,” said Ventura.

When asked if he thought Mormonism was a cult, he replied that all religions are cults. “I believe in the teachings of George Carlin,” he quipped.

Ventura also claimed that he was scheduled to appear on Don Imus’ show until he requested that they use the song Rage Against the Machine by Tom Morello, who was banned by Clear Channel during the build up to the Iraq war. He said that Imus himself “went ballistic” over the idea that he would appear and that he was cancelled personally by the controversial host. He also says that neither Fox News nor MSNBC will have him; presumably because of a controversial book he published called, DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government. Never one to mice words or hold back on conspiracy theories, Ventura goes after both political parties, Congress, voting machines, the Koch brothers and most importantly for Fox and MSNBC, the media.

Here are the videos:

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