Gretchen Carlson Leaves Set Of Fox & Friends After Co-Host Makes Despicable Sexist Remarks (VIDEO)

Author: June 14, 2012 10:29 am

I’m sure we’ve all been wondering when the women of Fox News would become fed up with the rampant sexism and anti-women attitudes flowing through the conservative ranks, including Fox itself. And it looks like that day has arrived.

During an interview conducted by Steve Doocy on Fox & Friends on Thursday morning about gender equality and inclusion, female co-host Gretchen Carlson left the set in disgust after co-host Brian Kilmeade made sexist remarks about women. When Carlson walked off set, Kilmeade berated her.

According to ThinkProgress,

“Steve Doocy interviewed members of the U.S. Navy Band about the band’s recent inclusion of women. Reacting to the segment, Brian Kilmeade remarked, “Women are everywhere. We’re letting them play golf and tennis now. It’s out of control.” Visibly upset, Gretchen Carlson, the only female host, walked off of the set. “You read the headlines. Since men are so great. Take them [women] away,” she said. Kilmeade responded, “All right. Finally.” Then, as she walked further off of the set, Kilmeade jeered, “Leaving an all male crew” and added “she needed a shower.””

Here’s the video:

I may not agree with much of what Carlson says on Fox, but I’ll defend her right to be free from sexism in the workplace. Clearly, Kilmeade has a problem with women, and his remarks are shameful. And he only made his comment worse by attacking Carlson after she walked off the set in protest. Should Kilmeade be punished for his remarks? Absolutely. And if no action is taken by the management of Fox News to punish Kilmeade for his disgusting comments, it’ll only demonstrate that sexism against women in the workplace is truly supported by conservatives and the conservative media.


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  • Ms. Carlson you work for Fox and although you finally did the right thing and should see it through with a harassment lawsuit, your abuse at the hands of that network should be no surprise. It’s like walking into a 18th century insane asylum and being insulted that someone spit at you.

  • So, Gretchen is finally learning that she is not part of an elite group of women that the boys don’t denigrate.
    Gretchen, sweetie, they have no respect for any women. You are not immune, even if you join them in their sexism against other women.
    Come over to the light. We have cookies.

  • Now the healing can begin.

  • These men are such complete and total asses!!!! Welcome to th light side Gretchen-leave the pigs in the pigsty!!!

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