We’re All Going To Hell Or To Sweden According To Dr. Monica Crowley

Fox news might not be fair and balanced, but it is definitely hilarious and unbelievable at times, and once again it has delivered with this latest interview between Dr. Monica Crowley and the Factor’s Bill O’Reilly. Crowley was appearing on the Factor to promote her new book called What the (Bleep) Just Happened?

Now knowing Fox News and knowing Dr. Monica Crowley, it shouldn’t be too difficult to imagine the political content of this book. And if you guessed that this book is an anti-Obama, pro-conservative book, then you guessed correctly, because that is precisely what it is.

And in typical conservative fashion, Crowley goes after President Obama just in time for the 2012 elections, and she does it with some very interesting, yet somewhat predictable accusations. She starts by telling O’Reilly the usual, conservative talking points of how Obama’s only mission in life is to destroy the goals and principles that made America so great, as evidenced by her discontent with the spiraling, sixteen-trillion-dollar debt and the high unemployment numbers, which she blames wholly on President Obama’s failed (according to her), economic policies.

But the most interesting tidbit of information that Crowley shared with O’Reilly and the Fox News audience in her hot new book is the startling, new revelation that President Obama is not the person that he says he is—basically an imposter, which is a sentiment that has been echoed before, specifically by people like Donald Trump and his Birther brigade.

So are you ready for this? You might want to sit down. According to Dr. Monica Crowley, President Obama is as close to being a card-carrying Communist as one can be without actually living in China or Russia, and it didn’t stop there. Apparently, President Obama’s father, Barack Obama Sr., was part of a socialist organization in Kenya, and his mother, Ann Dunham, was a regular member of a place described by Crowley as the Little Red Church—red meaning communist red and this was the upbringing to which the young Obama subjected and by which he was indoctrinated.

It could have ended there, but it didn’t, because O’Reilly asked this one fateful question of Crowley, as she was busy spewing her new, communist-Obama plot. O’Reilly asked her to specifically state what President Obama’s communist plot had in mind to turn America into—what country, what place? Crowley then tried to dodge the question with more of her destruction of America by Obama propaganda, but O’Reilly pressed her into a corner and demanded that she name a place that America would be morphed into if Obama the communist could have his way?

And, you are not going to believe what Crowley came up with! After all of her communism talk and communist accusations against President Obama, his mother and his father, Crowley finally looked O’Reilly in the eye and said that the country that Obama the communist is just dying to turn America into is—Sweden!

Yes, she said Sweden! Out of all of the countries that I just knew that she was going to name, Sweden was not one of them. I nearly passed out in laughter, because nothing will scare the conservative voters to the polls in November to vote for Mitt Romney like the horrendous possibilities of Sweden.

In fact, the U.S. Department of State does not even recognize Sweden as a communist country. It has Sweden labeled as a Constitutional Monarchy. So if President Obama is a communist, he’s not a very good one, because he obviously doesn’t know enough about communist countries to pick one when he chooses one to model the United States after! Even O’Reilly chuckled in disbelief at Crowley’s Sweden theory.

First President Obama was a secret Muslim, a terrorist, and a Black liberationist. Then, he was a secret Kenyan citizen with a forged birth certificate. And now, he’s a secret, Black communist who wants to be the leader of a Swedish, Constitutional Monarchy. What will they think of next?