Mitch McConnell Would Like The Poor To Stop Taking Advantage Of The Rich, Please (VIDEO)

Two thumbs up for the Tea Party Terrorists!!!Recently, on CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose tried something that seems naive, hopeful…almost quaint by today’s standards; he asked a Republican politician a reasonable question, as if he actually believed that he might receive an answer. Why a seasoned journalist like Rose would bother to pose a substantive question to Mitch McConnell, one that did not immediately lend itself to pre-established conservative talking-points, is anyone’s guess.

Maybe he’s just that optimistic. Maybe he knew it was a waste of time, but felt he had to make the effort out of some misguided notion of ‘journalistic integrity.’  Perhaps someone dared Rose to do it. Was it just stubbornness? Who can say?  At any rate, Charlie went ahead and asked Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell an interesting, compelling question:

Tell me this: Many people talk about the problem in Europe is they can’t make a decision…They ‘kick the can down the road.’ In Washington, they talk about ‘dysfunction.’ What can be done about that? Other than changing the politicians who are in Washington?

To which McConnell replied, “One word…Compromise.”

Ha! Of course he didn’t say that! In fact, he didn’t say anything that would make you think he even heard Rose’s question. I’m certain that if Rose had opened with a completely different question, or even just a quote from an Adam Sandler movie, Mitch would have replied the same way he did:

The biggest problem we have, Charlie for the future, is the unsustainable path of our ‘entitlements.’ Very popular programs, the eligibility for which needs to be adjusted in order to meet the demographics of Americans.

Way to stick to the script, Senator! You see this so often now, that you almost don’t notice; that was not an answer to a question. And answering questions is sorta’ what you’re supposed to do in interviews. But now, conservatives just bully through their prepared remarks, without even pretending they’re participating in an interview. Basically, they’re just commandeering the airwaves to further their narrative. And on this day the message was ‘Poor people suck.’

Poor people simply get all the breaks…Do you know they don’t pay as much taxes as the rich, the lucky ducks?

“Almost 70 percent of the federal revenue is provided by the top 10 percent of taxpayers now. Between 45 and 50 percent of Americans pay no income tax at all.”

“We have an extraordinarily progressive tax code already. It is a mess and it needs to be revisited again.”

Of course, that doesn’t really tell the whole story; according to the Congressional Research Service, many millionaires are taxed at a much lower rate than millions of Americans who make far less. However, that fact was probably not included in McConnell’s script.

At this point in American, how a millionaire can go on television and shamelessly pimp for the entitlements that he and other millionaires enjoy, while at the same time crying ‘foul’ to the poor, shows an audacity and ruthlessness that would make Blackbeard blush.

The astounding hubris can be viewed here:

By the way Mitch, if you don’t want to answer a question, man up, like Harry Reid:

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