Obama Has 7 Point Lead In Latest Poll

Until now, polls had been focusing on general trends, but as it gets closer to the election now the polls are switching from general population to likely voters. The first of these polls was released this morning by Bloomberg reveals a severe enthusiasm gap for the Romney campaign. The survey found only 39% of Americans viewed him as favorable, compared to the President’s 55% popularity among those surveyed.

What is more revealing is how the two men compare among those polled on how out of touch they were with the American people. Despite his attempts to appear as a common man, Romney 55% of those polled call him out of touch, compared to 36% for the President. This leads itself to a severe enthusiasm gap, with only 35% of Romney’s supporters being “very strong” in their support, compared to 51% of Obama’s supporters.

However, not is all roses for President Obama in the poll either. Bloomberg found that Obama’s performance on the economy was 53% unfavorable to only 43% approval. On the budget Obama looked even bleaker, with only 32% approval to 60% disapproval, however a significant portion of that was due to the extension of the Bush tax cuts as well as the failure to deliver a higher tax rate on the top 1%.

Romney was also found in the survey to be judged more favorably based on his experience in government, with 41% judging him based on his time as Governor of Massachusetts, compared to 34% judging him based on his time at Bain Capital. With Romney’s continuing downplaying of his time as Governor, this can only hurt him before November.

The poll is also revealing significant insight into the Congressional elections. Among those polled, 48% said that they were more likely to vote for a Democrat, compared to 41% for Republicans. The comparison between the two parties is even more striking, with the Democratic Party polling at 50% favorable compared to the Republicans’ 41%. Comparing to historical polls, the Republican party has dropped 3 percentage points since the polls conducted in March.

The election remains 5 months away, so a lot can happen between now and then. But this election season has started off on a positive note for the President.