Neo-Nazi Christian Birther Registers As Capitol Hill Lobbyist

Paul Mullet, of the neo-Nazi Crusaders for Yahweh-Aryan Nations LLC registered on behalf of his hate-group last week to be established as a Lobbyist. His goal is to lobby for “pro-white Christian identity [and] white nationalism” and his group will lobby on “any activities that adversely affect the White Race,” according to The Hill.

Who is Paul Mullet?

According to intelligence files, Mullet is a violent convicted felon who claims to be a Christian Identity pastor.  He has been a member of Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Nations, leader another Aryan Nations faction, and formed the National Socialist Party of America, in November 2010.

The Mission statement of his current group:

“WE BELIEVE that the current government in America is run by Jews,” and, “WE BELIEVE that the Jews [sic] main goal is the total annihilation of the Aryan race, heritage, & culture.”

Mullet states that not only does he not believe President Obama was born in America, he believes Obama is the anti-Christ, (Ethos Magazine in 2010). On his web post on the American National Socialist Party forum, March 13, 2011 Paul wrote:

 “Typical Nigger Behavior and they want equal rights? Really is America that far gone that they can not [sic] see that you can take the nigger out of the jungle but not the jungle out of the nigger.”

Will He Be Allowed to Lobby? 

Yes, as long as Mr. Mullet pays applicable registration fees, adheres to the rules and code of ethics for lobbying. There is a gray area contained within the ethic’s statement that could be brought forward:

Article IX

A lobbyist should not act in any manner that will undermine public confidence and trust in the democratic governmental process.

A lobbyist should not act in a manner that shows disrespect for government institutions.

Whether Mr. Mullet will be able to follow those codes of ethics is the question, and will they will be enforced if he violates them, is another valid question.

Lobbyists are “Sometimes called the ‘third house’ in a legislative body. Their role is to see that bills supporting their goals and ideals get passed.”

Should We Be Concerned?

The Republican base of our country is profoundly white, conservative, and religious.  “Eighty-nine percent of rank-and-file Republicans are non-Hispanic whites… the significant majority of those whites are ideologically conservative, while a majority are highly religious”. (Gallup Poll results published June 1, 2009).

How far apart is the Republican base from Mr. Mullet’s ideas and goals? Personally I think that Mr. Mullet will find quite a lot of support for some of his ideology from the current Republican base, particularly the Tea Party representatives. When it comes to misogynistic, phobic, bigoted, and religious zealousness, these two groups aren’t as far apart as one might hope.