How Is Dick Cheney A Hero, While Eric Holder Is In Contempt?

Author: June 23, 2012 10:38 am

Rep. Nancy Pelosi’s believes that there is a targeted, political attack on Attorney General Eric Holder. It’s extremely disheartening and totally expected that some Democrats are tucking their political tails and slinking away into the cowardly shadows, because they are too afraid to play rough-and-tumble politics with the Republicans.

It’s an election year. It is certainly not beyond the pale to suspect the political usage of ulterior motives to try and gain a political advantage to be cashed-in later on down the political road. Which makes the perfect storm for the recent actions of Congress to hold Attorney General Holder in contempt look just as politically motivated as the Republican’s claim that President Obama’s stance on issues like gay marriage and the Dream Act are politically motivated.

Pelosi said in her statement that she believed Holder’s tough stances on voter suppression could be what has made him such a huge political target. And while Republicans like Rep. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina, who described Pelosi’s comment as ‘mind-numbingly stupid,’ are doing everything within their power to keep the bull’s-eye on the current, Democratic administration. The Democrats truly will be mind-numbingly stupid if they continue to allow the Republicans to play chess while they quibble amongst each other over checkers.

Now there is no doubt that Customs and Border Protection Agent Brian Terry was killed during a gunfight with Mexican gunmen who had been armed via the Fast and Furious program of gun-walking, which was administered by the ATF—an organization that the NRA once described as ‘jack booted thugs!’ There is also no doubt that the inner workings of gun-walking is treacherously deceptive at best, with the odds of unintended casualties solidly probable at the least.

But, that’s the beauty of risky business, because the responsibility and the reality of that risk almost always ends with the last man standing, but that in no way means that it shouldn’t also begin with the first man who propped it up so it could stand in the first place. It shouldn’t have taken the killing of a federal agent for Republicans like the mighty Darrell Issa of the House Oversight Committee to realize the non-partisan riskiness of gun-walking. Republicans, along with Democrats and other government officials, should have seen something like this coming even back during the Bush 43 administration when the idea of gun-walking into Mexico was just getting its footing.

So when people like Nancy Pelosi, Al Sharpton and many others express their concerns over the possibility of a disingenuous, political element behind what could easily be seen as an election year based, political witch-hunt, they are not alone. For instance, another theory that has emerged as a possibility for why the Republicans are so gung-ho on going after Holder involves the future potential of Holder, nationalized, ethnic candidates as a whole; and the Democratic Party’s political future.

This theory was raised on the Joe Madison Show as there are some, including Joe Madison, who firmly believe that Holder was possibly in the running for a Supreme Court nomination, and crafty, chess playing Republicans got wind of it and are now acting accordingly to make sure that such a possibility does not happen. As farfetched as some might think this is, is it really that much of a stretch?

Don’t think for one minute that President Obama’s ability to further re-shape the Supreme Court with his nominations if he is re-elected is not a major concern of the GOP—so major that it could at least be 50% of the frenzied urgency to do exactly what former presidential nominee Michele Bachmann and Sen. Mitch McConnell have been saying all along that the Republicans seem to be so totally obsessed with, which is the crusade to make President Obama a ‘one-term president!’

But I’ll up the ante even more by stating my belief that the smearing of Holder’s political reputation is even more calculated than just the blocking of a future Supreme Court nomination. In my assessment, Eric Holder’s name is also on another very short list, and it also speaks directly to the anxiousness in making President Obama a one-term president. A crushing defeat for the first Black president will probably have a lasting impact on the future possibilities of Black presidents. And laugh if you want to, but the argument can be made that there is not another higher ranking, well-established name than Eric Holder as it pertains to the future of the Democratic Party and its likelihood of finding the next President Obama.

Could it be that Holder stands a respectable chance of being the next President Obama? Ask yourself if you could see Holder as a possible Democratic nominee in 2016 or possibly the next African-American president in 2021, and the answer to that question should be yes. Holder has the political capital and the political credibility to fit right into the part. Well at least, he used to have it. But after this Fast and Furious fiasco, Holder might not have a political leg to stand on. And trust me, Republicans care just as much, if not more, about their political agenda as they have ever cared about the average person on Main Street, the average soldier fighting in some undeclared war, or a federal agent in harm’s way along the border.

Now mull over this one. Just recently classified documents have been declassified to the public, and within these documents is hardcore proof that the ‘weapons of mass destruction’ charade was just a paper tiger used to ignite war with Iraq. And even though these documents strongly suggest that Vice-President Dick Cheney knew that the intelligence was faulty, it did nothing to stop the Bush administration from going through with their war plans in Iraq.

How many thousands upon thousands of lives were lost and ruined over an outright lie that will end up costing this country trillions in the short-run and in the long-run? As bad as it is for Brian Terry’s family to lose him to violence, Cheney and the Bush administration left thousands of families shattered just as badly or worse in the U.S. and abroad with the Iraq War.

Even though the Obama administration and Attorney General Holder inherited the overall, gun-walking protocol, they were still able to eventually rein in the Fast and Furious program and shut it down, which is a far cry from the Bush administration’s non-attempt to shut down the Iraq War. The Obama administration had to rein that in too, even though most of the same Republicans who are unimpressed with Holder still view Cheney as heroic and honest.

Conservative pundits like Fox’s Bill O’Reilly have consistently stated that you don’t try to justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior, but ask yourself these questions. How many times has Attorney General Holder appeared before Congress to answer questions about a botched program and how many times has former Vice-President Cheney appeared before Congress to answer questions about a botched war and the bogus, trumped-up charges that were used to enable it—leaving thousands of Brian Terrys to go around? How is it possible that the Republicans still see Dick Cheney as a hero, while Eric Holder is in contempt, if all of this is not what Nancy Pelosi has suggested—politically motivated?


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  • And just think… if the justice department had actually turned over all the documents requested a year or more ago when this investigation began, no one would claim this as a politically motivated farce because it might have been over by now. To Mr. Vince Pac (above), good for you sir. Keep quoting the facts no matter how many people wish to believe otherwise. Serial numbers themselves are only traceable when two things coexist, an agent examining the number and a paper trail to tie the number to. Commanding local shops to sell multiples of tens of firearms at a time to known criminals, then confiscating the paperwork involved pretty much leaves all the ability to track in the hands of the ATF. If those guns get across the border, even if the numbers are left intact, they are untraceable as conducting a police action on foreign soil is something we only do with our military, not with law enforcement. ATF agents don’t even cross into Mexico for lunch if they don’t have to, and with good reason. If they are caught by the police, they can bribe their way home. If they are caught by the gangs, they aren’t seen again.
    Just for the record, the yellow sheets (they used to be yellow anyway, its been awhile) that you fill out for your NICS check when purchasing a firearm have an expiration date, a shelf life if you will that the FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) must keep for a prescribed number of months. If so much as one of those pieces of paper is missing or out of order, the ATF can simultaneously shut down operations, confiscate all property on site, and cite the FFL holder with more federal charges than Baskin-Robbins has flavors… with all costs and burden of proof on the FFL holder. Should this case not have been brought to light, if certain gunshop owners involved hadn’t secretly recorded phone conversations with the ATF (thank you for playing them for the public CBS NEWS), this indeed may not have been an issue at the moment, as it only would have taken a few days to lock up and shut down the private citizens involved.
    No need to try to characterize this in the same fashion that those who are uncomfortable around such tools are used to doing. No need to get into a ‘tastes great, less filling’ right and left mudtossing argument. Those of you claiming this is just another instance of right wingers yelling about people taking their guns are no better than folks who proclaim that all left leaning folks are socialists. People broke the law to attempting to enforce law, but unlike a drug or prostitution sting, they did it on a much larger scale that got people killed, had little to no guarantee of success and cost quite a tidy sum of money to execute. If you’re into conspiracies and “the fix is in” stories riddle me this: how is it that you meet with the Mexican President, start toting a false percentage in the high nineties of confiscated guns coming from the US, and possibly think that giving the bad guys a few thousand more is going to help your cause? Do you try to put out someone who is on fire by pouring more gasoline on them? Only, methinks, if you are only going to stress how horrible it is that someone was burnt and that you have a solution: that no one should have anymore gas, matches, or candles.
    “Justice Department’s efforts to facilitate the transfer of thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels does not appear to have helped stop the flow of illegal weapons to Mexico.”

    Well said.

  • just because dick cheney is a terrible person, doesn’t mean you should defend eric holder. this kind of thinking, that democrats can’t do anything wrong, is the kind of thinking thats ruining this country. repubs do this too, which is why some like dick cheney (yup, theres some scary people out there). this fast and furious operation was/is a disaster and reeks of corruption, seeing as the operation itself lacked all logic and reasoning. i don’t think obama was involved, (even issa admitted this, its on this website), i think he just likes holder and wants to protect him. however, i don’t trust holder and think he should release those documents. id rather have dick cheney be held responsible for his crimes but this isn’t an either-or situation. don’t defend holder just because he’s a democrat

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