The Origin Of ‘Self Deportation’ (VIDEO)

During the 2012 campaign, a regular refrain from former governor Willard Romney has been the use of the term “self deportation.” However, the very term of self deportation is part of a cleverly structured piece of political satire from the 1990’s, created by Lalo Alcaraz in the guise of his alter ego, Daniel D. Portado. Alcaraz is currently the Jefe-in-Chief for, a latino satirical news site.

With the reappearance of the term self deportation, so too did Daniel D. Portado, as you can see here:

Update – A Year After The Election, Self-Deportation Still Being Discussed.

It is time to revisit the disaster of Self-Deportation. Despite it having been a colossal mistake for Romney during the election, the Tea Party Republicans have continued to push this rhetoric and demanded to make self-deportation part of national policy. Those with any political intelligence recognize that Mitt blundered his way into disaster by embracing the satirical concept. The mainstream GOP now has distanced themselves from the very idea while Tea Party Republicans embrace it.

Self Deportation Now Tea Party Mantra

That the Tea Party is confused about satire is nothing new. They regularly grab onto disreputable media outlets and often confuse satire for real news.

The sad truth is that the use of the term “Self-Deportation” only demonstrates how out of touch the Tea Party is. It is a real comment on the insanity plaguing the movement created by the Koch Brothers in 2002. The problem with courting such a fringe element is that it becomes difficult to control over time. And now they are reflecting on the Grand Old Party in a negative light.

How much longer can the concept of self deportation be kept running by the radical right? It clearly turns off voters, the taking of satire as serious, but they seem unable to let it go. Will the voters let go of the GOP as a result? Election results point to yes.