Fox, CNN Show Their Bias And Mistakenly Declare Obamacare Overruled

Just like the Chicago Tribune put its appalling bias on the front page for the world to see, so, too, has CNN and Fox “News” put their worst foot forward. During the first minutes of the reading of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Care Act, both “news” networks rushed out headlines declaring that the law had been overturned.


It’s not much of a secret that CNN is turning into Fox-lite and Fox is, well, Fox… but this is truly embarrassing. They will tell a sad story about how they were rushing to get the breaking news out and it was just a mistake, but that’s malarkey. I’m just a guy sitting at home with two screaming kids and I knew it was upheld a minute after they started to read the ruling. This was two “news” networks that assumed the conservative dominated Supreme Court would rule against a Democratic president based on politics instead of the rule of law.


It will be interesting to poll Fox News viewers in a few months to see how many of them still think that the Supreme Court struck down a key component of Obamacare (they didn’t) in much the same way they currently think the Court upheld key components of Arizona’s now-gutted “Papers Please” law. CNN is only trying to be like Fox, Fox has already perfected the art of misleading their gullible viewers.

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