Tea Party Leader Calls For Violent Overthrow Of Government Over Health Care Ruling (VIDEO)

Treason. It’s a word that conservatives don’t seem to understand. In their minds, treason is when the duly and legally elected government passes a law that they don’t agree with. In other words, if Democrats do it, it’s treason, but when conservatives do it, it’s patriotic. And, of course, after the Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is constitutional, conservatives whined about the decision and some took the ultimate step of calling for violently taking over the government.

In what looks to be a repeat of history, some conservatives are calling for open civil war against the United States government for passing laws they don’t agree with. On Thursday, Mississippi Tea Party Leader Roy Nicholson took the Supreme Court’s health care ruling as a sign that it’s time for an armed rebellion against the government that we the people chose for ourselves. On the state Tea Party website , Nicholson referred to the government as a gang of criminals who must be violently subdued in the name of the Constitution.

“When a gang of criminals subvert legitimate government offices and seize all power to themselves without the real consent of the governed their every act and edict is of itself illegal and is outside the bounds of the Rule of Law. In such cases submission is treason. Treason against the Constitution and the valid legitimate government of the nation to which we have pledged our allegiance for years. To resist by all means that are right in the eyes of God is not rebellion or insurrection, it is patriotic resistance to invasion. …May all of us fall on our faces before the Heavenly Judge, repent of our sins, and humbly cry out to Him for mercy on our country. And, may godly courageous leaders rise up in His wisdom and power to lead us in displacing the criminal invaders from their seats and restore our constitutional republic.”

Here’s the video:

In other words, Nicholson and the Tea Party want to literally force anyone who doesn’t agree with their twisted world view out of office at gunpoint. THIS is what treason really looks like. The American people voted for the lawmakers who passed Obamacare but because these Tea Party fanatics don’t agree with it, they think they have the right to initiate an armed insurrection to get their way, conveniently overlooking the fact that the individual mandate was a conservative idea in the first place, and that the law itself is a free market based law, rather than a real government takeover of health care. Too many conservatives these days would rather have government by the gun instead of government by the vote. That’s incredibly dangerous and has nearly destroyed America in the past. And the sad part is that Republicans are allowing these statements to stand instead of denouncing them immediately. It’s like Republicans are actually hopeful that gun violence will occur. These statements by conservative extremists and the silence by Republicans is the real treason and every sane American should stage their own rebellion against this violent rhetoric at the voting booth this November.

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