Herman Cain Introduces Cain TV And Sets Race Relations Back By Twenty Years (VIDEO)

You know what? I can’t even think of a way to introduce this so just watch it.


I’ll wait until you’re done twitching.

Better? Good.

Rawstory sums it up nicely:

He (Cain)also published what can only be described as one of the strangest trailers for any product, ever. It’s so bizarre that it actually defies description by trained, professional journalists, such as ourselves.

I think Rachel Maddow had it absolutely right: Herman Cain is a performance artist and his entire campaign has been a giant practical joke on the right-wing. I think the giveaway is the claim that “CAIN TV IS REAL…AMERICAN…EVERYTHING!” Riiiiiight…wink, nudge!

Seriously, the man simply cannot be as stupid as he appears. You don’t build a successful pizza chain without some kind of brain between your ears. But look at this thing! It swings wildly from childish mockery of Sandra Fluke by a chubby bald doof to a “let’s reinforce every black stereotype” segment called “Street Smarts” to ominous tinfoil hat wearing warnings to the jaw droppingly not funny Kivi. I honestly never thought a black man doing the whole “yessum massa, oh lawdy!” routine would be more offensive than a white man doing it. I guess it’s all in the context. The context here, of course, is appealing to an audience of deeply racist conservatives.

Not that the rest of it wasn’t perfectly ridiculous. “Liberty is a well-armed lamb?” “Let’s give a lamb a gun?” What?! I, the atheist, am actually praying that this is really just a huge practical joke. the alternative is that the right has become so debased that someone actually believes this intellectual dribble would appeal to them. The scary part is that they’re probably right.

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