The ‘Fiscally Responsible’ Party Wastes Millions In Pointless Repeal Attempts

A common claim by the Republican Party is that they are the party of fiscal responsibility. Yet, they also spend small fortunes in pointless measures such as drug testing welfare recipients, restricting women’s health care rights, marriage rights, and for what end? Now they stand poised to have spent more in pointless repeal votes on Obamacare.

According to The Daily Kos, the Republicans have spent at least $50 million in repeated votes to repeal the same law in the house, Obamacare. Even if they get it voted on in the Senate (which let hundreds of bills die last session due to gridlock) it is a guaranteed veto from the President. Since they cannot pass it, why are they wasting the taxpayer dime on such measures?

Could it be that they are not fiscally responsible at all, and instead are just pandering to an ill-educated base?