Now The Right Wing Is Afraid Of Voting Machines

A recent rash of posts and videos have appeared in recent months proclaiming that the 2012 election is being rigged by electronic voting machines which are now in widespread use. Despite the concerns of these machines being raised over the years by Black Box Voting, the right-wing pundits were eerily silent despite issue after issue with these unaccountable machines. I suppose it is all ok with them so long as the vote tally companies are for their candidate.

But the recent acquisition of one of the larger voting machine tally companies, SOE, by Spanish private investment firm, SCYTL has caused the right-wing blogosphere to explode in a panic. Now it was not their side counting the votes, it was some foreign company. Then they began proclaiming George Soros was in control of the election. Of course even a casual look over SCYTL’s investor page reveals no ties to Soros, his managers, or any of his funds. The closest tie I could find to Soros is that one of SCYTL’s investors, Spinnaker SCR, also has invested in one of Sir Richard Branson’s ventures, and a rumor persists that Soros has purchased a flight into space on Virgin Galactic.

Yes, they are grasping at straws.

Even right-wing darling Michelle Malkin has tried to stop the rumor mill, to little effect. Sure, it only took Ms. Malkin 10 years to catch up to what the rest of us have talked about for years. Sadly, Malkin then turns her information piece around, glamorizing a known fraud artist under investigation for multiple counts of attempted fraud.

Now, this is not the first time SCYTL has appeared in wild right-wing conspiracies. Snopes already discredited a similar rumor from 2008. Funny how when it was Diebold and ES&S holding the strings, you heard not a word from the right-wing. Now the shoe is on the other foot, they no longer control the machines, and are only now realizing the concerns that those of us on the left have said for years.