Sarah Palin Calls Pelosi ‘Paranoid’ And Thinks People Care

Fox “News” On The Record with Greta Van Susteren had Sarah Palin on as a guest and asked the former Alaska half-term governor her opinion on Pelosi’s statement to Bloomberg TV insinuating that Romney’s goal was to get booed during his speech at the NAACP on Wednesday. Palin said that Pelosi “… is one paranoid politician though, who would take such a stretch there and articulate via comments like that, that he actually went to the NAACP and made comments about Obamacare and other things that Mitt Romney firmly believes in, to change in order to get the county back on the right track and from there she would accuse him of um, well, this false accusation….” WHAAAT??

So, here’s the FOX way of “reporting” news. Susteren first asks Palin if she would have advised Romney to speak at the NAACP conference where he, when he said he would repeal Obamacare found himself booed off of the stage. Palin answers “Heck yeah, I’m so glad that he went there.”

Susteren then hypothesizes “Imagine this. Imagine that he had been invited by the NAACP and he decided not to go. You know, I’m curious to know what she and his political opponents would have to say about that? You know, he was invited to speak there and he went.”

Please allow me to inject some sanity here. First of all, as a man running for president, he should be speaking to all Americans. The fact that Romney spoke to a room full of African-Americans is not, nor should it be, significant. It’s his job, his duty. Second, Susteren tries to paint Romney as a hero for showing up and asks the half-term governor about what his opponents would say if he declined the invitation. Of course, Palin gives us the obvious answer, offering up “news” as they sit and proclaims that if Romney didn’t show up, he would be called “racist,” blah, blah blah….

The real deal is Romney called the Affordable Care Act (you know, the one modeled after Romneycare) “Obamacare” in a room full of mostly liberals. This is the story. This is what Pelosi is talking about. It was a calculated move for Romney and his team to use that word. They had a clear agenda and their mission was to anger their base. “Those horrible freeloaders booed at the white man.” This is what Team Romney wanted to carry out and they did.

Fox News has never been concerned with facts, so why should they start now? Sarah Palin is on her last leg as her popularity wanes. Americans see her for who she is: The woman who single-handedly ruined the ’08 election for Republicans and who will do almost anything for money and attention. You betcha’!!!!

Kimberley A. Johnson is an author and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page