The Bain of Romney’s Existence

I have an idea for a new chair for legislators and cable news networks. A chair hooked up to a polygraph, and when the person in the chair tells a lie a spark will literally light their pants on fire. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Or if that seems too dangerous, just give them a jolt, like from a taser.  That would be grand.  In the meantime, we have to be our own lie detector, asking the tough questions of candidates, so here goes:

Why would Mitt Romney lie about when he left Bain Capital? What difference does it make? Well, let’s back up. Did Mr. Romney lie? As a management consultant with over 20 years experience, I can tell you that no matter how “abruptly” someone left a partnership, for legal reasons, I would make sure the departure was documented, otherwise, things can get messy. Despite what FOX & CNN are telling you, it is quite easy to file a change of ownership; Either a new partner “buys in,” legally changing the ownership, or the partnership is dissolved and a new one formed. It is unheard of in business to leave a sole shareholder on the books after departure.

As to why Mr. Romney would lie and what difference it makes, well, just take a look at what Bain was doing during the time he claims he was “no longer involved.” Bain was awarded a contract with a Chinese firm to export jobs. Yes, once again, the GOP “job creators” were off in China creating jobs there.

Mitt Romney was the sole shareholder, CEO and Chairman and, far from having no control, Mr. Romney had absolute control. The irony is, his campaign launched an ad campaign calling our President a liar. If I could have a wish right now it would be to have every liar’s nose actually grow with each lie told. After all, the list of lies from Mr. Romney are pretty extensive. It seems he never actually “saw” his father march with Dr. King “with his own eyes,” but “if you check the dictionary,” using “saw” as a euphemism for actually seeing something with your own eyes is “acceptable.” And let’s not forget the whopper about abortion rights. Did Mr. Romney really “see” someone die from a “backroom” abortion? We may never know. What we do know is that his unshakable position on the absolute right of a woman to choose has been absolutely shaken. Much like an etch-a-sketch.

Whatever the facts, I think this has now become self-evident, the truth is the “bain” of Mitt Romney’s campaign.

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