Only 12 Of My Patients Died This Week

Let me start by stating I am not a medical doctor, I am a technician in a medical supply company, which services Hospice patients. For those who are unfamiliar with what a Hospice patient is…”Hospice is a type of care that focuses on a terminally ill patient’s symptoms. Hospice care focuses on bringing comfort, self-respect, and tranquility to the dying patient. Patients’ symptoms and pain are controlled to help them- however the focus is providing care, not curing in their last days.”

My job is to set up [and remove] the hospital beds, oxygen machines, nebulizers, ventilator and other machines, supply liquid feeding formulas, supply every other medical supplies needed like syringes, medications, wheelchairs, hydraulic lifts and the like, for the patients’ needs in an effort to prolong their lives…which varies from a day to a few months. This is usually done at the patient’s home, after the hospital has discharged the person with the specific expectation of them dying at home. ( I work 12 to 15 hour days, hence I do not write here as often as I would like to. )

It is common for a small company with 10 techs like myself, who together fill on average 80 orders a day, to have a weekly death rate of 10 to 20 patients, there are many larger companies with 50 or more techs and they service upwards of 500 orders per day…their weekly death rate is a lot more obviously. I know this because I am a sub-contractor for a larger company.

This article is about health care and the ‘Patient’s Protection and Affordable Care Act” otherwise known as ‘Obamacare’
My patients all have pre-existing conditions, some have cancer and other illnesses which obviously have brought them to the last stages of their lives. Many are already in comas when my company is contracted to provide their final care.

Their care is very expensive and without the insurance provided by the Affordable Care Act, thousands of these patients would not be able to get the end of life care they need and indeed deserve. Our patients do range in age from babies to centenarians.

Republicans want to have vouchers with which people can shop for healthcare, but I am here to tell you that this is just a careless ruse. Firstly, unless you are a doctor it is impossible to decide what you need to purchase in a health care plan. It is impossible to determine what specific care will be needed for each particular type of affliction you may develop. I am not convinced that you will be covered for everything under the sun.

Secondly you may  be required to predict what disease you may develop in the future as you will be taking this or that coverage plan which covers this disease or that…remember the average $6000 voucher they will give you will not be able to pay for any or all diseases and the care needed, so it looks like  you will have a catch 22 of which ones to pick . Congressman Alan Grayson was right, under the Republican’s plan, don’t get sick…and if you do, die quickly.

There are literally dozens of diseases for which I believe you will not be covered and die a slow and agonizing death much to the delight of the insurance company who would not pay for your care.

There are also thousands of children who run into health problems between 19 and 26 years of age, these kids are now covered under the President’s healthcare plan. These kids would not be covered in a republican voucher plan and their parents’  average $6000 voucher will not be enough to cover them either.

I see the pain and suffering my patients go through daily and I am forever thankful to President Obama for having the courage to fight the republicans on behalf of them. Without ‘Obamacare’ the death rate would be tenfold…not that the republican politicians and radio and TV shills care anyway, they are all rich and are not worried about the expense.

I remind you, out of the 98% of Americans who are not millionaires and who need healthcare, millions of them are poor republicans and independents. It bewilders me that they vote against their own interests and that of their family, by voting republican. They will find that a $6000 voucher will not get them any further than their Democratic friends will get, so I hope you all will appreciate what the President to trying to do for us.

Just think of your loved ones, old or young, lying on a bed, suffering, dying painfully…and you will see the value of ‘Obamacare”. It happens to everyone, sooner or later.

Republican politicians are vowing to repeal ‘Obamacare’ but they do not have a good plan to replace it. It appears they do not care anyway, as they have coverage as congress persons, [government healthcare] so they will not suffer like the rest of us. Beware.

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