State GOP Senate Hopeful Drops Out To Join Domestic Terrorist Organization

Author: July 15, 2012 8:20 pm

State Senate hopeful Randi Shannon, a self-described “entrepreneur and homeschooling mom,” dropped out of the Iowa race unexpectedly Friday leaving the state Republican party scrambling to find a replacement on short notice. Her reasons for leaving she disclosed in a 4 page letter (below) in which she claims to have been appointed as the Senator for the “Republic of Iowa,” a member of the “Republic of the United States of America.”

Randi Shannon State Senate Resignation Letter 2012

For those who do not know, the Republic of the United States of America website reveals that it is in fact a group presenting itself as the legitimate government of the United States, apparently removed in a hostile corporate takeover. Their basis for this claim comes from several factors, none of which wind up legitimate. For example, they claim that the Lincoln-era “National Emergency and Martial Law” was still in effect, with the website they reference proclaiming this as the first Executive Order. Basic research in the Library of Congress turns up that the first Executive Order was in fact made by President George Washington on June 8, 1789, calling for a department accounting from all divisions under him in the executive branch. Every President, including James Garfield who died only weeks into office, have issued executive orders. In addition, the order was overturned by the Supreme Court. This is but one example out of hundreds of easily disproven claims by this group.

As for Ms. Shannon, her affiliation with a group that claims that the United States’s legal system comes from  the Bible, despite all evidence to the contrary, calls into question her ability to have held a public office in the first place. The groups religiously derived legal code is almost identical with Shari’a law. Furthermore, their claim that Common Law, the actual basis for US Code, is Biblical in origin is preposterous. Its origin instead predates the Norman conquest of England in 1066, a pagan collection of traditional laws codified thousands of years ago.

Ms Shannon’s claims  that the United States is a corporation, shared with the group as a whole, is nothing but a blatant attempt to use distrust of corporations and corporatism on ill-educated or delusional people. That point neglects the legal reality that cities and towns are “municipal corporations” and that the branches of government are “federal corporations.” If you notice some towns on occasion list “incorporated” on plaques in their city, denoting when the town secured its full township.

The FBI has a very detailed page on these so-called “Sovereign Citizens.” That a person running for office on the Republican ticket is willing to abandon the GOP and join a domestic terrorist group, which has had several confrontations with authorities already, including the deaths of several police officers, is a sign at the further marginalization of the party from mainstream America. One wonders how many more of their members feel that Democracy is no longer important, and that the rule of law is a hinderance to the goal of turning the US into a new Iran.


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  • This reads like a nutjob manifesto. Geez.

  • All I can say is wow! There truly are some hateful and vindictive people on this website. Randi just wants to be left alone, but you people not only won’t leave her alone, but think she should be dead because she want’s to be left alone? Really? It is quite sad to see what the liberal disease has done to the people of this country. What Randi is involved is purely about peace and the service of others. The fact is, this has to be a Christian based organization, because only Christians believe in serving others charitably. This is not the christianity of the neocons who believe in invading and bombing other countries, but true Christianity that is based on charity.

    What happened to the 60s liberals/hippies who believed in Love? Where did they all go and how did they get replaced with such hate and vindication?

  • “The Republic of The United States of America”

    Doesn’t that just say it all?

    Iowa isn’t losing a Senator, it’s gaining a lunatic.

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