What Has The Tea Party Accomplished?

Author: July 16, 2012 5:20 pm

It’s been over 3 years since the Tea Party was formed, and since then have they made any significant accomplishments? This is a list (or at least my attempt at one) of things that I believe the Tea Party has accomplished since their creation. I know that many members of the tea party will try to argue with this list, so I’ll cite multiple sources.


Tax cuts for the wealthiest top 2% of Americans- At the peak of the Tea Party movement 18% of Americans, almost 1 in 5, had a favorable view of the Tea Party. Too bad the majority of that 18% doesn’t benefit from being a member of the wealthiest top 2% of Americans.

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Reminded America that racism still exists- Yes, even though we elected our first African-American President, based on the content of his character and not the color of his skin, we were quickly reminded by people with signs depicting the leader of our country as an African witch doctor, and other signs with various racial epithets, that racism is definitely still alive in America.

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Elected a group of freshman politicians that have no idea how Government works- Yes, it’s always nice to get some new faces in Washington, to bring a new perspective. Too bad the new faces that the Tea Party helped to get elected have no idea how Government works, and some of them seem to be unfamiliar with the constitution.

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Caused the largest surge in bills that attack women’s rights in the history of this country- The Tea Party ran on principles of “smaller Government”. Too bad for them the politicians they elected believe that a ‘smaller government’ means more legislation telling women what they should or should not do with their bodies. The number of bills that have been introduced this year that attack women’s rights is more than triple the total number of similar bills for all of 2010.

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Kept Sarah Palin in the media- In 2008 many people on the left, and even many people on the right, were hoping that Sarah Palin would return to Alaska. But thanks to the Tea Party Express and one of the Tea Party’s corporate sponsors; Fox News, Sarah Palin is still in the media almost 4 years after she cost John McCain the Presidential election.

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Helped the Democrats keep their majority in the Senate- I know a lot of Tea Party members won’t want to admit this, but it was thanks to the Tea Party that Republicans didn’t win control of the Senate in 2010. The Tea Party ran Christine O’Donnell in Delaware, Sharron Angle in Nevada, and Ken Buck in Colorado, and thanks to a string of baffling public statements, bizarre press conferences, and a 1990s video from Bill Maher’s old show, these Senate seats that were expected to go to Republicans remained under Democratic control.

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Increased sales of Crayola Markers- Remember the Crayola Markers most of us used back in elementary school? Their sales are up, and it’s thanks to the Tea Party!

<Source 1>

And now, a video from Crayola thanking the Tea Party for helping increase their sales;



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  • Vanessa Callahan

    I think that it is a duty to pay taxes, and the more you make the more you should pay. Conservatives need to take a look at the early 70’s to see what paying their fair share of taxes can do to poverty and joblessness. I never hear a liberal complain about taxes except that big corporations don’t and the uber-wealthy are now paying little and are now trying to blame and make responsible the middle class for the economy. Everyone pays taxes dummies. If you buy something you pay a tax, if you work, even a little, you pay a tax. You drive you pay a tax, you own a home, you pay a tax. It irks me to no end to hear this right wing nut jobs complain about taxes while some of them throw entitlement in liberal faces. At the same time many of these tea party leaders are entitlement funded big time. Search Bachmann and see how much she has received in farm subsidies.

  • Tell me, please, how it makes sense for anyone who pays taxes to be a liberal?

    • I’m a liberal and I LOVE paying taxes. There’s not many things that are more patriotic than that.

    • Please tell me how *you* can be a Repblican? If you think anyone in your party cares a whit about you, you are either deluded or a multi-millionaire.

    • Apparently, you don’t understand Liberals at all, but that is not surprising. See, we are all about fairness and supporting your fellow man and your country as a whole. And, we see paying taxes as a was to do that. It is, as Matthew put it, patriotic. It is the American thing to do. It supports our country by supporting our infrastructure which we all use, like it or not, so we should all contribute to it as we are able. It helps give some support to people and families not doing as well for reasons beyond their control due to illness, disability, loss of jobs, etc. It is what grown adults do. And, as adult Liberal Americans, we are proud to do it.

    • Hey, nobody really enjoys paying taxes, but some of us realize that if you want schools, roads, traffic lights, police and fire departments, sanitation workers, public hospitals, clean water, and a few other little luxuries like that, it’s easier to do if everyone shares the burden. (And it would be even easier if everyone really did pay their fair share!) I am perfectly happy to help fund services for the poor, sick, and elderly, to help family farms, arts organizations, and small businesses; I’d love to see my tax money be used to provide universal, single-payer health care; what I object to is paying for wars, bailouts for the financial institutions that caused the recession, and subsidies for oil companies that already have way too much money.

    • Tell me, please, how it makes sense for anyone who is not a millionaire to be a rightie?

    • Because liberals pay attention to a lot more that the profit/loss statement and actually have an interest in meeting the basic needs of all human beings. Because the watchword for a liberal might not be “selfish” or “greedy”. Because liberals care about people.

  • Steven King

    They’ve given tea a bad name and fostered the creation of the Coffee Party and the Beer Party. I’ll bet Lipton is pissed.

  • LOL @ Dean the guy somewhere out there in cyberville knows alll about 99% of people here. I know several people who own businesses (usually small) and they seem to hold the same opinion that they’re the only ones that pay. Yes if you don’t own a business (Avon and Amway don’t count deanie) you don’t pay taxes and provide back into the country that you are benefiting from as well. Anyway keep having them little ol’ bags of dollar store tea bump your chins as you rant Heil Heil Heil, We’re gonna have another 4 years 2012!

  • Thank you all for such on point responses to the article and some of the best laughs I’ve had this week.

  • Don’t forget altering our children’s textbooks at school, omitting, among other things, Thomas Jefferson and Hi-Hop references, adding fables alongside facts in science class, and attempting to make it illegal to mention anything about our lgbt population to any students below high school. Welcome back to the Dark Ages….

    • And most of this is because of Rick Perry and his cronies and Uber Religious Board of Education in Texas! I know, I live here and can’t stand him! Textbook from Texas dictate what the country learns because Texas orders the most books. Another reason to go to iPads or ebook readers in schools!

  • The author of this story and 99% of you commentors have never started or run a business, supervised employees, nor paid your fair share of taxes. You are the moochers and freeloaders of our country. You just want to bitch about what you haven’t done and how someone else should take care of you, and if they don’t they are racist, self serving tea baggers. What a bunch of whiney losers!!

    • As someone who has run a business, supervised employees for MANY years, and someone who pays taxes, I’d like to thank you for your fact-based discussion of the issues stated in the original posting.

      If more people like you voted, we could easily achieve the tea party’s goal of returning us to the 11th century within the next few years.

    • Me: business owner, manager, tax over-payer, non-moocher, others-server/carer-for-of-others/non-expecter-of-handouts, non-smoker, father, Christian AND socialist, smart-as-a-whip, anti-Tea Party, person you’d want nearby if your ship were sinking.

      Dean: person who watches your house burn down while holding a hose and saying, ‘It’s MY water, damn moochers’; person who lets your ship sink while giving you the finger as an epitaph…it’s really too easy…you get the picture.

    • Vanessa Callahan

      Generalize much Dean?

    • And probably a very bad businessman at that. As a business man you should know that the consumer is more important than the producer if you want a business to thrive. The consumer, after all, is what keeps a business alive since they are paying for all the services/products. In order to keep a business going, it is more important for consumers to easily buy products than for producers to make products. The 95% tax cut that Obama gave is for this reason, most of us are consumers, so in order to get the economy stimulated again, most of us should continue to buy things, but then again most of us are so damn broke.

    • I own a business, a corporation and 2 DBAs. I do business with Banks and Wall Street all day long each and every week. The moochers are the GOPer lemmings like yourself who actually beleive that if a person has not owned their own business they are losers. If you hire employees I suppose deep down inside you think they are losers because they WORK FOR YOU instead of owning their own business. I know all about payroll and taxes, having also at one time worked for IRS, as well as State government, and private businesses. High earners like millionaires SHOULD pay their fair share of taxes – and if Congress was to raise taxes on the highest earners they would only be paying about 4% more., but it sure would bring down the deficit! I am willing to pay more of my fair share – what about you?

    • Some of us, Dean have done all of what you have said, almost 50 years in the workforce from owners to manager. I have paid my taxes and because I worked my ass off in those years I have a back that failed a couple surgeries and I am now collecting the entitlements that were promised to me almost 50 years ago by our government. Social income for the disabled and aged and healthcare. I did not pilfer the SS fund and place it into the general fund where money that did not even belong to our government has gone to pork. Every expert in know said if that money was left alone there would be no worries. So yes I have paid my fair share an now I am collecting on the empty promise of a decent retirement. Thanks to Repuklicans like you my house went from $284K to 90K, why pay for something that I did not ruin the value of, It took me three years and all my income to become indigent so I could collect on that Government promise of a simple retirement. I got simple you should see my check.

    • megarockradio

      I started TWO companies and employed/supervised employees. Idiots like you who are clearly brainwashed conservatives are exactly the people making life hard on business owners. You support the party of the very wealthy. You stand with those who use any dirty tactic they can to eliminate competitors including having the GOP pass laws which essentially prohibit anyone from entering certain business fields. You have one local phone company, one local electric company, one local gas company, one local water company thanks to them. If you have more than one real internet provider you’re one of the few. There used to be hundreds of banks – now there are five. There used to be hundreds of record labels, now there are five. Radio and TV station owners used to number in the thousands – now you can count them on both hands. I also pay my fair share of taxes – and in fact pay double of what Mitt Romney pays. And last but not least I can tell in a heartbeat when I am dealing with a conservative idiot who does nothing but whine and cry about others because you can’t dispute the article or the facts given so WHINE WHINE WHINE. Go back to your little Tea Party site and deal with other brain dead folks like yourself because people here will just point and laugh.

  • Another crime committed by the teabaggers that Matt was too gentlemanly to mention: they have taken the good name of teabagging, a practice sacred to gay bar patrons everywhere, and reduced it to an obscenity. If they did nothing else, this alone would make them the worst people in the world (to use Keith’s phrase).

  • Right on the money Matt. Many honestly believe that forming the Tea party was their idea and not an idea planted by salaried Koch “community infiltrators.” The entire “electoral coup” was very well planned and executed. “We” were not ready and anyone that pays attention to politics even in a cursory manner knows that Independents and much of the political “Left” do not go to the polls on non-Presidential elections. Those faux “grassroots” organizations are well funded and have been in places for decades. Now we are faced with a difficult fight to win back what is left of our democracy. This “ain’t” over but it is going to take incredible tenacity to beat them back.

  • Mark Lancaster

    They have achieved what few had before – now e actually know what TEA-BAGS are. And that is: quite useless and a waste of tea and paper and packaging (why does that sound so appropriate?)

  • Crayola? They look more like Rose-Art types to me.

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    Hilarious, and right on the money. Thank you Crayola (aren’t they a corporation?) for that spot-on ad.

    However, the Tea Partiers aren’t entirely wrong, IMHO. When you take away the racism and corporate-funded pro- big business rant, there are still some valid points – but they are all being deliberately misdirected and bamboozled by the sponsors and corporate masters. They don’t know it, being too insular in their vision. But a proper candidate (if it were theoretically possible, which I seriously doubt) could reach that same group (well, the non-racist ones) and with a little education, direct their anger toward the right sources.

    You start by shutting down Faux ‘News’ propaganda engine.

  • Katherine Herrick

    don’t understand why the tea people are against what they enjoy themselves–and keeping government out! was never a priority until we elected a leader that they, personally, want out. This is why their barely-moving or breathing — definitely not thinking — mantra is so blatantly racial–because it contains no other message which isn’t contradicted by their next message or by what they are told to say…and when reminded that they, too, live on what has been given by our government, they are stunned, then hateful in the reply..”You’re a SOCIALIST!” (When a neighbor of mine was yelling about the ‘tree-huggers’ trying to pass a new law prohibiting smoking on our beach and finished with a disgusted …SOCIALISM! Obama! … I had to stop her to explain and introduce her to the word Facism…these people are truly confused and they need our help..)

  • Katherine Herrick

    The ugliest of Americans…watching a mob of foaming-at-the-mouth dogs, fueled only by their fear and ignorance, ranting and raving about a healthcare reform bill they know nothing about and are no longer embarrassed to show it or their empty heads..pathetic but true American cowards who spit and call it 1st amendment rights….and who are we worried about again?

    • Brett Chapman

      Don’t we usually euthanize rabid animals? Why don’t we extend the same courtesy and ease the suffering of humans with the same malady?

      • Worry not, Brett, you all are aborting yourselves out of existence. You all won’t have to suffer much longer. :)

        • Oh please, Rachel! Aborting ourselves out of existence? Are you serious? There are too many people on this earth right now. We can’t support everyone with the resources we have. Pro-Choice is not necessarily pro-abortion, it’s pro-CHOICE! Just because you don’t personally want to have one, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have the CHOICE to do it or not.

  • They have also managed to bring the reputation of the country back down again to the levels that it was when Shrub was still president. People in other countries actually were liking America again and then the tea baggers started to make us look foolish, stupid and racist. Wish all of you TB’s and extreme RW’s would go to your own private island and stay there. You could avoid a government altogether. Pay no taxes. (Also have no roads or fire department or police, but whatever) Everyone could have all of the guns they want with no restrictions. Have a bonafied theocracy. Just all of you stay on your island and keep all of your craziness, your religion, your sactimonious irrational thinking, all of it there. We will just all stay here and watch you self destruct from here. Just don’t ask for help when you need it. You are on your own!! Please!!!! And don’t let the door hit you on the ass on the way out!!

    • To be fair to the teabaggers, Obama was busy assisting them in their continuing of making America look bad internationally. The teabaggers had the signs that mirrored American policy implementation that Obama supported.

      The Patriot Act? Obama supported that and I’d guess, though I don’t have the sources, that the teabaggers were big supporters of that. It confirms the perception that Americans aren’t really about freedom and democracy. If Obama was in any way different than Bush, that would have been the first piece of legislation he tried to get rid of and he didn’t.

      The health care debate? Internationally, the number of Americans who wanted a public option got a fair amount of play… or at least in my corner of the world. Obama didn’t even put it on the table. The international blame and perception of incompetence wasn’t the teabaggers but Obama.

      The economy? That’s Obama too. He should have showed leadership and had a bigger stimulus, raised taxes. Teabaggers weren’t held responsible in the international media.

      The thing to remember about perceptions of American policy while abroad is it tends to focus on our President, not on the crazy people on the ground, except as the crazy people impact the presidential narrative.

      • I have to agree with you on the Patriot Act. There honestly must be some kind of conspiracy with the Patriot Act – I’ve never thought that Obama would support it.

        Though, on the other hand, you can’t always blame Obama for our issues.

        Obama was the one who pushed for the Health Care Bill in the first place; however, it was the conservatives and libertarians, both in Republican and Democratic parties, that kept changing it to the point where it was unrecognizable. Obama had great ideas for the bill, but, of course, the politicians were too scared of Obama being right to let it pass.

        And raising taxes would be almost counterproductive in our country, the way it is now. If we raise taxes, tens of thousands of families would go homeless, and it wouldn’t even benefit them in the end of it all. That’s just plain common sense.

        • Obama can’t raise taxes. Only congress can. If he could, he would raise them on the wealthiest 2% of the population. That’s not Obama’s fault, blame Reagan and the two Bushs for that.

        • Would you sign a contract for a home, a car, childcare, hospital insurance, or a job without reading it? Then why would Americans be so stupid as to allow Obama to say you can read the 2000 page health care bill after you pass it? NO NO NO…think people

      • You really make some great point but you’re take on Obama’s stimulus measures were butched by the republicans time and time again! Simply more proof that republicans truly hate america

  • Joe Villanova

    let’s also remind ourselves of just how utterly STUPID and FUCKING RIDICULOUS these teabaggers actually are.

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