Right-Wing Nut Jobs Aren’t Just Dangerous For Us – They Are A Danger To The World (VIDEOS)

During a trip to Egypt, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade was pelted with shoes and tomatoes by a crowd of Egyptian protesters, as they chanted, “Monica, Monica, Monica!”

Here’s the video:

No one was hurt, but why were the Egyptians so upset with Clinton? It turns out they blame the US for the election of the Muslim Brotherhood. What? The US helped usher in the election of the Muslim Brotherhood? What could possibly have given them that idea?

According to the New York Times, the idea was planted into the heads of the protesters by an Egyptian television host named Tawfik Okasha, called Egypt’s Glenn Beck for his conspiracy theories and his hatred of Islam.

Oh, but Okasha wasn’t the only person claiming that the US rigged the election. In fact, many in the crowd said they heard about it from right-wing American bloggers and the Queen of Misinformation, Michele Bachmann.

The source of the conspiracy seems to be former Reaganite, Frank Gaffney, who believes that President Obama is in cahoots with the Muslim Brotherhood to bring Sharia Law to the US.

Here’s a frightening video:

Does that talking point sound familiar? It should. With our country’s economic problems, some leaders feel that making Sharia Law illegal is a priority. Sharia Law is one of Glenn Beck’s greatest fears. Rush Limbaugh warns that we already have Sharia Law. If you Google “Obama Sharia Law,” you’ll get about 5 million results.

Do Frank Gaffney, Michele Bachmann, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh really believe that Obama is bringing Sharia Law to the US? Do they really believe that Obama is in bed with the Muslim Brotherhood? Of course they don’t. They have one agenda and one agenda only, and that is to scare Americans into turning against the sitting President. I doubt even they imagined that their words would have international repercussions, but when politicians, bloggers or talk show hosts spout lies, calling the US President un-American or accusing him of being a communist or having a ‘Muslim agenda,’ the world is listening and reacting. It’s easily conceivable that reactions could be stronger than tomatoes, shoes and attempts at public humiliation.

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