Alex Jones Proclaims Colorado Shooting Part Of Government Conspiracy

Alex Jones with Fans at Premiere of “A Scanner Darkly”

With the tragic events in Aurora, CO still fresh in people’s minds, we had examples of hope that the events would not be exploited for commercial or political gain. However, that was not to be when noted conspiracy theorist and anti-government talk show host Alex Jones decided on releasing not one, but two videos where he proclaimed the events as a staged, premeditated government plot to turn the US into a police state. Playing off of older accusations where the ATF was engaged in a covert operation to use smuggled guns to start a race war in the US, Jones leaped feet first into the insanity, as you can see here:

Now, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the chemical Mr. Jones proclaims can turn you into a zombie, Devils Breath as he called it; Devils Breath is a slang term for Scopolamine, a naturally occurring drug used for anti-nausea purposes by scuba divers as well as for treating Parkinson’s disease. The use of it as a “zombie drug” of course is an urban myth, so, of course, is right up Mr. Jones’ alley.

But, not willing to leave things alone, Mr. Jones made another video, to expand upon his already baseless accusations:

This time, he would proclaim it as a full on Psychological Operation, or Psyops. The comparisons with the Unabomber, with the assassination of Robert Kennedy, all using evidence he claims is out there, but upon further research quickly falls apart. Most of the evidence to support Mr. Jones you find is sourced by Mr. Jones himself.

But what if instead, Mr. Jones is not acting out of a conspiracy, but in a way to try and soothe a guilty conscience, or his own ties to the tragedy? Through his shows, reports, and documentaries, Alex Jones is one of the larger perpetrator of rumors, innuendos, and suggestive ideas out there. The term for this is Stochastic Terrorism, where you do not directly suggest action, but merely encourage to a base of fanatics knowing full well that one of them will take the message too seriously and act out. Osama Bin Laden used this method, never directly engaging, only suggesting ideas to hordes of eager followers. In this case, Mr. Jones has been on a tear for weeks on the upcoming UN summit on arms trade, claiming that the potential for restricting arms exports from the US under the treaty would in fact be an arms restriction. Every time possible, he has pegged this topic to anything possible, in the hopes this would stick. It appears it did stick in one persons head. As for Mr. Jones’ rant about the shooter proclaiming that he was the Joker, I wonder where he would have gotten that idea.