Romney Once Again In Fake Twitter Account Scandal

Earlier this year, people associated with the Romney campaign were caught making fake Bill Clinton as well as Joe Biden as well as other accounts on Twitter. However, now the Romney Twitter feed appears filled with fake accounts as well. Coming so close on the heels of reports that Romney is failing to effectively use social media such as twitter, and trails behind the president in the social media environment, it is clear that Romney is having a problem.

But to then turn around and magically overnight gain over 100,000 followers once the social media news begins to discuss it? Something is fishy. Investigations into the recent additions to the Romney followers reveals cookie cutter twitter accounts, all brand new, all with identical or near identical profiles. One or two near identical may happen, but hundreds of thousands?

This is an act of desperation by the campaign which is reportedly floundering after being caught in a potential felony in regards to his tenure at Bain Capital. After refusing to release even a full year of tax returns, despite months of pressure to do so, the Romney campaign is fighting to regain a foothold. And this is after the night at The Mint ultra lounge in Arizona, with its co-ed bathroom, hot dancers and multiple liquor bars (including inside the co-ed bathroom).

Now, we know that Rush Limbaugh belongs to a company which engages in fake Twitter and Facebook profiles, as well as paid voice actors to call into shows, but for a presidential candidate to stoop to the same level is unimaginable in this day and age where all facts can be uncovered, and revealed, in a light speed moment.

The Republican National Convention is only a few weeks away. The court’s decision on the delegate revolt should be announced soon, which could cost Romney up to 300 delegates at last count, dropping him below the required number to automatically win the nomination on the first ballot. Should this happen, a brokered convention this August in Tampa is possibly on the horizon. If these continuing reports of problems do not let up, the future of the Romney candidacy falls into question.