Heroes Needed To Stop Phelps Hatred In Colorado

While there have been some incidents of exploitation following the recent tragedy in Colorado, they have been mercifully few in number. However, this is about to change. This is a tweet from Fred Phelps Jr. of the Westboro Baptist Church:

@WBCFredJr – Only 500 miles to WBC Aurora picket. #GodCursesUForFagMarriage #WorseAndMoreOnTheWay #WBCToldU #GodisAmericasTerrorist #ObeyToday Too fun!

WBC gassing up vehicles for Colorado super-picket. #WorseOnTheWay #FearGodFools #GodCursesUForIdolatry #FaceOfGodsWrath #fagsrunmilitary

WBC heading to Colorado for Sunday memorial service. #GodAvengesHisPpl #GodCursesUForFagMarriage #GodIsNotMocked #GodIsYourEnemy yummy!

The Examiner has been on top of this since it broke late last night. The memorial service for the victims is being planned for Monday. They aim to have a “super-picket,” so we need to make a choice to do what is right for the victims families.

So, this is what I am asking for you out there to do: Spread this message wide, as wide as you can, share, cross post, anything, but get it out. The family and friends of the victims do not need to see the hatred being spat at them by these lunatics who are on their way. We need to get as many people as possible together to become a living wall, to separate the hate from those who do not deserve it. It is time for us, all of us, to be Batman here, to protect those unable to protect themselves. No counter protest, no signs, just a wall of people. No, not just people: Batman, Batgirl, Robin; any and all who want to protect the innocent from these real -life villains. From those who would distort and abuse the law until they act as if they are above the law itself.

It is time for us to rise above the hate and discord of Phelps and his sickness.