Jon Stewart Blasts Romney And Fox For Taking President Obama’s Words Out Of Context (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart proved once again on Wednesday night that he will always be smarter than Mitt Romney and Fox News.

The Daily Show host mocked Romney and the conservative media for willfully taking President Obama’s words out of context. One particular speech by President Obama has been of interest to Romney and Fox. During a speech on taxes and business, Obama pointed out that business owners don’t build their businesses entirely by themselves, that government and taxpayers play a large role in making a business possible. But Obama made a speaking error and inadvertently spoke a line a certain way that conservatives have been jumping on ever since.

The second President Obama said his ‘You didn’t build that’ remark, Romney and the conservative media made it a centerpiece attack, purposefully taking the sentence completely out of context and Jon Stewart decided it was time to call them out for it.

Stewart played clips of Fox and Romney attacking the comment including Fox’s despicable interview with two little girls who own their own lemonade stand. It turns out the girls had help from family including “big brother, literally” as Stewart pointed out.

At the end of the segment, Stewart demonstrated that Romney has been saying the exact same thing as President Obama by using Romney’s own recent stump speeches against him.

Here’s the video:

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