Romney Makes Another Gaffe, Reveals Meeting With Head Of MI:6 (VIDEO)

On day two of his seven day tour overseas, presidential candidate, Mitt Romney made what the United Kingdom considers a pretty big gaffe on Thursday when he announced that he had met with the chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service. This is the third blunder in two days of his overseas trip to attend the opening games of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London and meet with top British officials before heading onto Israel and Poland. Disclosing a meeting with Britain’s Secret Service is a big “no-no.” Here is the CBS video:

On day one of this trip, what a Romney aide said is meant to demonstrate his statesmanlike qualities and that he’s up to shouldering the function of America’s leadership role in the world, Romney had a faux pas when his aide stated that Obama doesn’t understand the special Anglo Saxon relationship that America shares with Great Britain. He all but admitted racism and the Brits were not impressed.

Later on Wednesday, the British press was quite unhappy with Romney questioning their country’s preparedness for the upcoming Olympic Games held in London.

Another goal of the trip is for Romney to express the values his foreign policy would embody through the particular countries he chose to visit on this trip, which he calls “pillars of liberty,” according to campaign policy director Lanhee Chen.

The projected goal for Romney in Israel is to focus his support for Israel and hint at what he considers has been Mr. Obama’s “shabby treatment” of Israel.

Despite what Romney told the VFW audience before his departure on this trip, that he would not speak ill of the President on foreign soil, it is becoming increasingly apparent that his illusions of being welcomed and praised overseas as a potential future President of the United States are already dissolving before his eyes.

Polls show Obama is favored over his Republican rival when it comes to conducting foreign policy and fighting terrorism, a thing that denies Romney the customary advantage Republicans have enjoyed on defense in the past. Romney is becoming a joke and transparent as a disingenuous future leader of America thus far on his trip in the eyes of the United Kingdom.