Yet Another Example Of A Pot Calling A Kettle Black: Romney Spent Nearly $100,000 Hiding Records From The Public

According to Reuters, the end of Mitt Romney’s term as governor of¬†Massachusetts in 2007¬†involved replacing computers, buying up hard drives, and deleting emails in an attempt to hide records.

Glass houses, Romney, glass houses.

Romney broke a prior three year computer lease at a cost of $97,000 in favor of a new lease costing $205,000, nearly double the original cost of $108,000 for the old lease. The broken lease still had 18 months to go before completion.

Romney went even further, claiming that paper records were not subject to disclosure, and asking state permission to destroy them — permission he eventually got. This is the man who argued that Obama was the least transparent president ever. Clearly, in his mind, national security isn’t as good a reason as no reason at all.

This, coming from a man who refuses to release his tax returns, deletes and destroys records, and reneged on his promise of complete transparency for the ’02 Olympics. Apparently we are supposed to pretend that never happened. Clearly Obama is a dictator! A fascist! Or something.

While Romney’s actions in 2007 were not strictly illegal, they were certainly unprecedented. It is impossible to really know what information was erased so one is left asking the question, If it wasn’t anything bad, why go to all this effort and expense to erase it?