Jesus Commands: Kermit The Frog Must Die

Religious fanatic and all around not nice person, Kevin Swanson, was busy bragging about how murdering homosexuals kept them in the closet for over a thousand years when he got around to the Muppets dropping Chick-fil-A.

I’m not sure which is more disturbing, the obvious glee in Swanson’s voice over a millennium of murdering people for being born different or the fact that he finds it offensive that a children’s company wants nothing to do with religious oppression.

Swanson felt that the “pro-homosexual agenda” is doomed to fail because Jesus Christ won’t allow it to consume America while his co-host, Dave Buehner lamented:

“It’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s on looking that tolerance only runs one direction, you only can tolerate gays, you can’t tolerate those who don’t support gays”

This is a common whine complaint from the right: “Liberals are intolerant of my intolerance! That’s means they’re just as intolerant as we are! What hypocrites!”

Utter nonsense and a child’s argument. They are simply playing semantics in order to justify their hate. The right demands the freedom to take away other people’s freedoms and cries “you’re persecuting me!” when called on it.  A moral, progressive society does not tolerate intolerance and the right is having trouble hiding the bigotry they’ve kept concealed for decades.

Swanson and Buehner go on to joke that the muppets are obviosuly going the sodomy route and wondered aloud if they support NAMBLA. NAMBLA, of course, is the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a group dedicated to normalizing pedophilia. HaHaHa! Swanson was comparing homosexuality to pedophilia because they’re just the same! Get it?! The Dynamic Duo of Trashy Theology followed that bit of comedy gold with the suggestion that Dan Cathy, president of Chick-fil-A, offer “frog filet” and “Miss Piggy on a bun” on the menu.

Here’s the audio – Blood Pressure Warning. Do not listen if you suffer from hypertension.

Now, normally, this would just be another dead Muppet joke. There have been tons of them over the years. Robot Chicken has a segment where Animal is put down by a vet. It’s all in good (if not kid-friendly) fun. However, in the context of Swanson’s delight at the institutional torture and murder of homosexuals it is clear that he is advocating some good old biblical justice for the Muppets and sodomites alike.

These are sick people with a dangerous amount of power over a frighteningly large (but rapidly dwindling) portion of the population. Like any cornered animal, they more threatened they feel (in this case by the twin horrors of equality and open-mindedness) they more vicious they will become. Something to keep in mind when we try to ignore them and hope they go away.

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Here’s the audio