Romney Aide To Press: ‘Kiss My Ass!’ (VIDEO)

Mitt Romney’s campaign has already admitted that they are pursuing a stratgey the press has dubbed the “Mittness Protection Program.” The gaffe-prone candidate has been keeping reporters at arms’ length even on his overseas disaster tour essentially turning them into glorified paparazzi. Even Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren has been irked by this, commenting, “There has been no press access to Governor Romney since we landed in Poland. We (press) are in a holding pattern (I can’t help but feel a bit like the press is a modified petting zoo since we are trapped in a bus while Polish citizens take pictures of us.)”

Tensions escalated yesterday as one of Romney’s aides lost his cool and cursed at the press corps.

Via CNN:

Here’s a transcript of the questions and Gorka’s response:

CNN: “Governor Romney are you concerned about some of the mishaps of your trip?

NYT: “Governor Romney do you have a statement for the Palestinians?

Washington Post: “What about your gaffes?

NYT: “Governor Romney do you feel that your gaffes have overshadowed your foreign trip?”

CNN: “Governor Romney just a few questions sir, you haven’t taken but three questions on this trip from the press!

Gorka: “Show some respect”

NYT: “We haven’t had another chance to ask a question…”

Gorka: “Kiss my ass. This is a Holy site for the Polish people. Show some respect.”

Moments later, Gorka told Jonathan Martin, a reporter for Politico, to “shove it.” About a half-hour later, the aide called reporters to apologize.

Here’s the video:

OK, first, I call bullshit on the aide giving a damn about it being a “holy site” for Poland. Americans are not known for their sensitivity to other cultures, conservatives Americans even more so. Second, it was a parking lot and Romney was leaving. Was it a “holy” parking lot? Do people speak in hushed tones? Are traffic jams consecrated?

This was nothing more than a continuance of treating the press as the enemy. Even Fox News is a threat because, without a prepared scrip, Romney is a gaffe machine capable of dropping even softballs from a friendly reporter. The press will only take so much abuse before it starts to reflect in their reporting. At this rate, the American public is going to become very frustrated at such an evasive candidate and they are a very fickle group.

The Mittness Protection Program may yet end up hurting Romney in the long run.

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