Suburban Denver Bake Shop Refuses To Sell Cake To Gay Couple (VIDEO)

In the West Denver suburb of Lakewood, CO, a cake shop is the newest source of controversy in the battle for LGBT rights.

Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood refused to sell a cake to a gay couple who were about to marry.

From CBS 4 Denver:

Dave Mullin and Charlie Craig say they dated for nearly two years before getting engaged. They went into the Masterpiece Cake Shop thinking they’d spend a full day trying cakes for their ceremony. Instead the meeting lasted a few seconds.

“My first comment was, ‘We’re getting married,’ and he just shut that down immediately,” Craig said.
“If gays come in and want to order birthday cakes or any cakes for any occasion, graduations, or whatever, I have no prejudice against that whatsoever,” Phillips responded, “It’s just the wedding cake, not the people, not their lifestyle.”
Here’s the video:

After taking their issue to Facebook, the couple has raised quite a stir. There is a protest scheduled for Saturday in front of the store.

As for Phillips, he doesn’t care. “We would close down that bakery before we closed our beliefs, so that may be what it comes to … we’ll see,” Phillips said.

It may come to that. Colorado has laws against discrimination for sexual orientation. The majority of Coloradans support marriage equality, but when a vote for civil unions arose in the legislature, the GOP killed it.

Regardless, discrimination has not proved itself a good business model. Since Chick-Fil-A’s President jumped into the anti-LGBT rights fray, their business has taken a 40% dive.

If you would like to join the protest, Masterpiece Cake’s address is:

3355 South Wadsworth H-117
Lakewood, CO 80227

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